Gone Vantage — #8

Someday my pain, will mark you.

After waiting for five hours, that half of hour worth of interview with Rendi went to soon. There are too many things she’d like to follow-up. She could even feel the vein in her head throbbing, flowing informations and questions through bulkheads in her brain. But, she has got to be patient for now. All that matters is she was right, she just found a story worth writing.

She took a cab, as she couldn’t wait using ride-sharing app. She was in a rush. As soon as she sat at the back of the car, the adrenaline went out and her body became warm. She has used an abnormal amount of energy these last 12 hours. After following Rendi around, carrying him up the hotel room, boosting her own imagination as she waited for Rendi to be awake, and chasing this cab just before. That was a lot. She also hasn’t sleep and eats proper breakfast.

She covered her forehead with her palm as she closes her eyes, she has a long day to get through. She has a lot in her pocket. Mr. Andi has not given her much slack time since she started six months ago. At first, she was flattered. She felt that she mattered. But, along time she realized she was merely used to do shitty and unimportant jobs. Took her six goddamn month to realize this, she blamed her self for it.

It doesn’t matter anymore, as she has this story, now. She might have stolen the tip from Mr. Andi, but he’d probably waste this opportunity. He’d think that this tip is a prank and would not give it any shot. But, not her. She was hungry for it. As soon as she heard, she gets right down to it. And, she was right. She could not wait to see his face when she told him what she had found.

Or, maybe she should keep this for her self?

The traffic was almost jammed, but she will arrive at 10.10, as the google maps told her. She has 15 minutes to sleep, which is good and priceless given the circumstances. She wrapped her tight with her black coat. People would notices that she wears the same clothes as yesterday. Would not matter, though. She closes her eyes as her worry turns to smile, it will be exciting time for this moment forward.

“Someday my pain,”

Rona inhale an amount of smoke into his lung, as men, women and child pass before him. He was leaning on a tree with his right shoulder with his feet crossed. He wears a black hoodie and a worn out jeans, which was comfortable last night but too thick and blackly for the middle of the day like this.

“Someday my pain will mark you.”

He sang through a whisper with the smoke went out with it voluntarily. Sweats mark his skin, from cheek to chest. He was not at all comfortable, but he has to. This is the first time he was assigned, and the very important one, he has to do this by him self. He shouldn’t fuck this up just yet.

“With the wild wolves around, you.” He continues whispering with his eyes fixed on Rendi on afar.

Rendi is in waiting line. His eyes weary and his shoulders are weak. He clearly is still hung-over. How much did you tell her, kingfrantic676, Rona thought to him self. This is not good, the first time on duty and already smells trouble.

“In the morning, I’ll call you.”

He could just came to him and confront him, but that would be unwise. He would not tell the truth, got scared or offended, depending on his personality, and tell that journalist much more. He could not risk it. Besides, Rendi is almost definitely is going to his parents house in Bekasi. That’s the only place he could go to, right now. He already tapped Rendi’s phones. So, he wouldn’t be a problem for now.

Patience, boss would want me to be patient.

“Send it farther on.” He took the last smoke and put off the cigar with the sole of his feet. He turns around and starts whistling. We’ll meet again, soon.


Mr. Deranta was sitting on a chair with both of the hand holding the angle of it. He is wearing a red hat with a ‘D’ logo on, an old flannel in a color of cheesecake, and a trouser. He is skinnier than Rio last seen him. But, his eyes lights a thousand light as he saw Rio.

“Here it is, my favorite CEO.” His voice is a little bit shaky as he open his arms embracing his son.

“Are you okay, pops? You sounded shaky.” Rio asks as he sat next to him.

“I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine. Your worry is sweet, but irritating..”

“Have you eaten well?”

“My tongue is a bit thicker than usual, I don’t now how but it does. I could not taste much, lately. I could’ve asked more salt on my soup or asked for sweeter dessert form Mrs Nimas. But, then I think that would be bad for me.

“You want to go to the doctor? I can call you a Mr Rachmat, right now?”

“I met him yesterday, he said it’s normal. Come on, son. You can’t stop a Ferrari for ageing, same as me here. hah!” he chuckles and tap his son’s shoulder.

“Well, my offer to buy you a Ferrari still open, pops. The new one.” Rio smiles, “I’ve wired some money to you account, make sure you control Mrs Nimas. I don’t want her to spend it for her self.”

“Ha! she can do that alright, what’s a money’s worth to an old man. Anyway, see this? Djokovic was beaten badly by this Carey,”


“Querrey, four sets, three to one. What are the odds! ha! 28 straight Grand Slam wins finally undone by the infamous Carey,”


“Querrey. You know why he lost?”

“Why, pops?” He knows the answer, or at least give it a shot at a guess. But, he knows how much his dad enjoys telling him stuff.

“Confidence. Right amount? Good. But, he got too much in him, it ruined him.”


“Ha!” Mr Deranta chuckles a little with his eyes went on the TV.

“Pops, I’ve got some news.”

“What is it, son?”

“Well, Al is back.”

“Oh, finally! Glad to hear that! You’ve been so worried.”

“Yeah, I know. But, I got other news. I’m going to step down as the CEO starting tomorrow. I’m here to tell you before you heard from other people.”

“You’re stepping down? How? Why?”

“It was a consent.”

“Ah, son. I know it very well, a consent will always means Al’a absolute decision if he is in the team.” Rio didn’t answer, as he know how much his dad knows about him and Al. “So, he’s going to replace you?’

“No, pops. Marvin will.”

“Marvin? That crybaby? What does Al thinking?”

“It was for the best, pops.”

Mr Deranta reclined on his chair, staring at the ceiling. He then stood up. His shoulder already humped on ages, but his eyes is always bright if his son is on the room. “Stand up,” he told his son, “What a fine man you have become. I always know you will. You’re mother was a bit skeptical, though, I would say. She does not want you to be fine, she wants you to be faithful. She would be really proud of you right, now. All you have achieved in life at such a young age.” He hold his son’s cheek as he said this.

“Thank you.”

“You know, you and Al have always surprises us, since you two were kids. But, there is something about that boy. There’s something don’t feel right when I see him. I always worry when you went out with him, I’d wait for you, and you’re mom would say that I worry too much. But, years have passed, and I still feel something. That boy’s mind is a dangerous place.”

“But, pops. Sometimes dangerous is the safest thing to be.”

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