Newcastle United: Unanswered Loyalty

I live far away from Newcastle. So far that I probably need a whole year saving to travel all the way to the Stadium that I really aching for, St James Park. I wouldn’t mind, though, I’d go through all that if I need to. What was unfortunate that, to support a club with a small fan base on your country means that you barely see your club playing on national television. I have to stream everyweek, that minecraft-like streams was enough as long as I get to see those black and white shirts that I really love.

Remember Ben Arfa’s goal again hull? Yes, I was watching that on a online streaming. You know what happened? At the first touch on the midfield, the stream stop, I didnt know what was happenning until the stream jumped into the part when Ben Arfa was dancing at the penalty box before gunning a shot. Sucks right? It happened many times. Many goals had I missed because of these frickin’ low quality streamings.

But many times I was thinking, how lucky I am to fell in love with this club! I really did believe that the great history of this club will be restored. I really believe we are on our way to our greatest.

It all started when Michael Owen first move to St James Park. I know as a fan I’m still a premature one. I love that lad that time, so, I started supporting Newcastle United. Yes I started supporting the club since that cockney mafia took over our club.

The first time I noticed was the raging crowd everyweek. There were few other clubs that has that kind of atmosphere on their home stadium. But, St James Park was the best. How does it feel to be there? All the time I would wonder. And I started to really pity that I wasn’t born as a Geordie. I want to be part of that. I want to be that number, badly.

But, it didn’t stop there. We got a lot of great moments since then. But, mostly we were very unfortunate. The day we got relegated was the day I remembered realizing the true value of this black and white shirt, the loyalty of the fan. You guys live the club, you are the heart of the club. Others club was filled with pretentious fans, but this club is not. You guys love your club with all your heart. That first day of the championship, something-thousand people turned to the stadium that day, right? How great was that.

Then we bounced back to premier league. I remember being upset for they let many of my favorite players like Joey Barton, Alan Smith, and Christoper Nolan out of the club. Those were the people that brave enough to fight for us when we were at the lowest point and the club let them go. But, I didn’t mind. Because the next season, it felt like we were starting a miraculous journey.

How I love Cabaye and those eyes of him finding spot on the attacking half. The freekicks, the long shots, the corners. how I love Cisse and Ba, sujud everytime they scored. The way Ba does the best target man job among others premier league target. The way cisse took a first touch shot which ended on the net many times. Oh my god, that amazing goal against chelsea. How I love Tiote for how beautiful monster he was. How I love the rest of the team. I love them. I fell really-really deeply in love with them.

After that, it was downfall. It broke my heart when they sold Cabaye without replacing hem. It broke my heart when Ba’s left. It broke my heart when Remy didn’t want to play for us anymore. It broke my heart that we send Santon on loan. It broke my heart that we let Pardew go (sorry about this, I might be one of a few that really think he is a good manager).

It broke my heart that we lose all the time.

But, you know what? All the while I kept watching this favorite club of mine. I only missed 2 games so far this season. Yes, I spent my weekend night staring at my laptop screen and that poor images of black and white shirted players. I hang on. I hang on despite that my friends would all told me how stupid I am to hang on.

I choose to hang on because I believe on this club. Not the management and not those who owned it. The fans.

Many people said that the fans love for the club was the main weakness that we would never achieve anything to fight that discgraceful reign. No movement would succed for we love the club too much to not show up to the stadium. But, No. It is the strength that would rose the club above. The love of the fans will be the only main reason why Newcastle United will restore its history. It would even brings us further. I truly believe in that.

For a fan who lives far away, i could do little about this situation. But, with the boycott, you guys are doing the right thing. Burn Ashley money down to the ground. Make them suffer. Hurt them. Hurt them til sport direct’s stock fall down like a cannonball. Hurt them that they regret ever being on our club. Kicked them away and let the world watch. Let the world know what we really are capable of.

Restore the dignity, the philosophy, the values, and the heart of the club. I’m counting on you. #NotMyClub #AhleyOut

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