Embracing the Serverless Paradigm!

By Payal Mittal

sveltekit — a new svelte framework to supersede sapperjs
SvelteKit — A New Svelte Framework to Supersede SapperJS

In the previous blog, we learned about SapperJS- a JavaScript framework built upon Svelte.js and inspired by Next.js- in detail. For those who haven’t read it, it’s a prerequisite condition to do so as I’ve referred to it multiple times in this blog.

This blog is about SvelteKit- the successor of Sapper.js.

After working for years with Sapper, the Svelte team did some rethinking and got an idea to rewrite it. Later, they renamed it to SvelteKit.

The reason behind migrating to SvelteKit was that as Sapper was started in the year 2017, the team considered it…

The Next Big Step in Web Development!

By Payal Mittal

sapperjs — introducing a new svelte.js framework
SapperJS — Introducing a New Svelte.js Framework

Sapper, short for Svelte app maker, is yet another JavaScript framework. The special thing about it is that it is built upon Svelte. It is inspired by Next.js and follows the same style pattern but way too faster and smaller than it.

It is an amazing framework that builds extremely high-performance web apps of all sizes at considerably fast speed, all the while reducing the amount of code used.

The term Sapper is derived from the ancient war times and used specifically to define ‘combat engineer’.

It possesses all the characteristics that define a web framework to…

By Payal Mittal

how to deal with the lockdown anger and frustration?
How to Deal with the Lockdown Anger and Frustration?

The seemingly endless coronavirus lockdown is testing the patience limits of everyone.

The momentum of sudden and utter change in our lives and being prisoners at our own homes have the potential to turn even the most patient person into a dejected and desperate one.

It is easier to become tempestuous during the long-stretched isolation period due to the same monotonous routine, day by day, month by month, seeing the same faces every day for more than a year, with no friends to sit and converse with and nowhere to go to.

It can drive anyone crazy.

By Payal Mittal

what do you know about the new fiber structure of react.js?
What Do You Know About the New Fiber Structure of React.js?

With the release of React v16, a new architecture of React came into light called — Fiber.

Created by Lin Clark, Fiber is the reimplementation of React’s reconciliation algorithm which enables the incremental rendering of the virtual DOM.

By incremental rendering, we mean that it can split the rendering work into separate chunks and spreads them out over several virtual stack frames to be executed. These small units of work can be monitored parallelly and enable prioritization of tasks.

The need for re-implementation of the stack algorithm was driven by the issue that the execution stack demanded…

A JavaScript Framework connecting React, GraphQL, and Prisma!

By Payal Mittal

redwoodjs — merging jamstack with full-stack
RedwoodJS — Merging JAMstack with Full-Stack

Building a JavaScript project is not that easy, as you have to take everything under the radar at the same time, the configuration, additional packages and technologies, plugins, database, all of it. And you also want to connect it with GraphQL which is the real pain because new graphql clients keep coming every week.

Redwood has been created to solve these problems. It connects multiple highly popular technologies together in database-backed single-page applications.

In this blog, we’ll get to know a few things about Redwood that may fascinate you-

What is RedwoodJS?

“Redwood is an opinionated, full-stack, serverless web application…

By Payal Mittal

aleph.js — a new react framework in deno
Aleph.js — A New React Framework in Deno

Only a few months back, a new JavaScript framework came into existence - Aleph.js. It offers you the best user experience for building modern and feature-rich web applications.

Aleph.js is a React framework in Deno, inspired by Next.js. But in contrast to Next.js, Aleph.js doesn’t need webpack, parcel, or any other bundler for that matter as it uses ESM syntax by default.

With Aleph, you can build React applications using Deno properties. The key benefit of this is that you don’t have to use Webpack to import dependencies anymore as all the dependencies are imported using ESM…

Unbundled development through a pre-configured bundler!

By Payal Mittal

vitejs — an opinionated frontend build tool
Vite.js — An Opinionated Frontend Build Tool

Till now, we have been introduced with too many bundlers and build tools, each with its own set of specialties. Vite.js is yet another name among them. Although it is less a bundler as it favors unbundled development like Snowpack.

It is just the right time to move ahead and explore other alternatives to conventional bundlers. There is nothing wrong with them but we must have other options open to us.

Today in this blog, I’m going to brief you all about the features and functionalities of Vite.js and how it is different from other bundlers-

What’s Vite.js?


By Payal Mittal

blitz.js- a react.js framework for fullstack apps
Blitz.js- A React.js Framework for Fullstack Apps

As technology is evolving, everyone is getting used to the simplicity it offers. The same thing is happening to the developers. With so many options available out there, the fresher developers keep looking for simpler options for web application development and the senior developers look forward to options that reduce the mundane manual work.

Ruby on Rails proved itself to be a major bundling force, after its release in 2005. Another major unbundling occurred with the release of React.js in 2013 which quickly become the driving force for rapid front-end development.

It was 2020 and almost the…

By Payal Mittal

zero server — build web applications with zero configuration
Zero Server — Build Web Applications with Zero Configuration

Zero allows you to build applications without having to worry about package management, configuration, or routing. Now, you can write your code in the fusion of multiple languages with zero configuration.

In this blog, I’m going to give you a quick go-through about the Zero server so that you can consider using it in your next project -

What is Zero Server?

Zero is a unique web framework that bundles applications and simplifies modern web development. It can support multiple languages in a single project including React.js, Node.js, Vue.js,

By Payal Mittal

scully — first-ever static site generator for angular.js
Scully — First-Ever Static Site Generator for Angular.js

For so many years, Angular didn’t have any static site generator. But finally, here it is - Scully.

What exactly is a static site generator? What does it do?

A static site generator is an alternative to CMS and builds static sites to create blog posts.

Scully is an amazing static site generator built for angular projects by Aaron Frost of HeroDevs. It uses Chromium so you would have the need for its installation and execution.

It analyzes the route structure of the compiled angular application and generates a static version of each page. …


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