20 Things to start doing in 2018

So I sit on the floor in my London apartment and think ‘Wow, this year is over; done and dusted!’. As with every year, so much has happened, but this post won’t be much of a look-back on 2017 — because really, there’s just too many things to cover — instead, it will be a ‘how-I-want-to-change-my-life’ kind of post.

Oxford St; London

I was reading my ‘20 Things to Start Doing’ post from a while back and I found it pretty encouraging, albeit the silly/almost-impossible-to-achieve-things such as ‘go for a run every other day’ or ‘do not procrastinate’. And I want to do the same for 2018.

Oxford St. with festive lights

So here are 20 things I want to start doing in 2018…

  1. Do quiet time consistently
  2. Stop living aimlessly, take responsibilities for my actions
  3. Sincerely volunteer and serve the community
  4. Initiate activities with new people
  5. Make the best out of every opportunity I get
  6. Stop assuming the outcome of things before actually doing it
  7. Start something creative
  8. Constantly revise my work to prevent shit-in-the-pants moments
  9. Organize my time such that I can do more things
  10. Push myself harder at the gym
  11. Keep a tighter budget
  12. Get a coffee machine
  13. Stop expecting the appearance your other half and just live!
  14. Meal prep. Eat clean
  15. Experiment one new recipe each month
  16. Say NO to things that prevents you from achieving your goals
  17. Adopt a long term mindset
  18. Be neat — putting things back to where they belong
  19. Go explore the city and new cafes
  20. Be presentable but not vain

Wow, that took longer to churn out than I expected. 20 things are quite a lot to accomplish, but I have 365 days to make it happen. Make your list now and let’s do this together!

Here’s to a year filled with love, happiness and growth!

Christmas in London 2017
Winter Wonderland 2017; London