Ai Beauty Clinic Review: Ai Beauty London — a good place to go for aesthetic treatment

I looked over a lot of aesthetic treatment comparison photos in addition to my boyfriend’s chatter, which induce me to have hyaluronic acid injection, but I don’t know which aesthetic clinic in London is authentic and reliable. I dare not go to harley street and choose one randomly.

Then I searched online on various platforms, and finally, I saw someone recommending some aesthetic clinics in the comment section of a healthcare blog, I did an online search for more info about each one of them. The most well-established one is Ai Beauty Clinic. The aesthetic consultants and doctors in this clinic are all authorities graduated from famous universities and have rich experience, they are very professional and familiar with oriental face.

Other recommendations on these comments are some small studios which I am very worried of. I made an online search on Ai Beauty using Google, the ratings and feedbacks are very good, especially the ratings for the microblading.

Good feedbacks made me feel very reassured, then I get in touch with the aesthetic consultant on Wechat. The aesthetic consultant is a Chinese lady! I asked a lot of questions, she is very patient and responsive. Under the persuasion of my boyfriend, I made an appointment for consultation and injection of hyaluronic acid. Originally, I just wanted to have hyaluronic acid injection and Botox injection, but the aesthetic consultant suggested that I should decide whether or not to inject Botox after the injection of hyaluronic acid. she is very responsible and won’t induce you to have unnecessary treatments!

The clinic is in the Oxford Street of central London. After I arrived at Ai Beauty clinic, I needed to fill a form regarding my physical condition. Then I sat down and waited for the doctor. I was not nervous in the beginning. But after the doctor entered the room, I began to be nervous and suddenly had a strong fear! The clinic assistant at Ai Beauty tried to comfort me when she saw I was so nervous! Very kind!

The doctor is a very beautiful foreign lady, she is a talented graduate of Edinburgh University. I don’t have to worry about language barriers! The clinic assistant helped to translate our conversion. The doctor is very responsible. In order to make the shape more perfect, the doctor constantly made adjustments, very professional and responsible! The doctor kept comforting me while injecting, very kind lady! they will give you a small mirror and you can tell the doctor if you are not satisfied with it. Originally, I was worried that the aesthetics of foreigners would not be suitable for the Chinese. Now it seems that there is absolutely no need to worry.

I was afraid of pain, this was the main reason why I hesitated to have hyaluronic acid injection for a year and a half. In fact, the pain is not hard to tolerate, it is bearable, it was just my expression, that was a little awkward at the time, and I dare not move to prevent the needle from inserting into the wrong place, Hesitant, fearful and nervous (my boyfriend said that I was shivering a little bit at the time) 😂 I didn’t dare to look at the needle. My boyfriend said that the needle is thicker than the domestic one, so it would hurt a little bit more than the domestic one. But it is not easy for a thicker needle to puncture the blood vessels, and the risk is relatively low. It will be normal to have a little pain after one or two weeks of injection.

After the injection, the clinic assistant will provide you with relevant precautions and aftercare and will also give me a mask! So, no worries!

In general, the experience of the whole process is great whether it is online or offline. The price is much lower than the domestic price, so I recommended it to my friends, haha!

For Friends in London or the United Kingdom who would like to try medical cosmetology, I recommend Ai Beauty Clinic, cost-effective! They provide a lot of products in this Clinic, Botox/ Omega Hydro Peel / hyaluronic acid / face-lifting, etc.

Go to official website for more details.



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