Written By Victor Paulsamy, Ingo Claro and Haozhe Chen

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Integrating 3rd Party Reservation Tools

Bookable marketplace teams are making Groupon inventories bookable. Broadly, there are two types of merchants on the Groupon platform — one is connected via APIs and the other is non-connected; that is, their data is not connected to external applications to deliver experiences. Partner is a 3rd party booking tool provider with whom Groupon establishes deeper ties by making investments on both sides in API integration.

When we reimagined the next iteration of 3rd party integrations, it all came down to this most important question — what incredible benefits can we give to our merchants? The answer was simple and yet profound — empower partners to grow their business on Groupon. So we decided to put the partners in the driver’s seat with APIs specially designed for the partners to self-serve their integrations. The overarching objective is to enable the partners to integrate their reservation systems quickly and easily for their merchants to grow bookings on Groupon while still using the partner’s primary reservation solution. …

Haozhe Chen

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