Happiness as an expression of your being

Happiness as an expression of your inner being is natural and sublime that comes to be held by your peace and tranquility of knowing who you are.

Happiness is not sought, nor learned, is not found in books or philosophical ideas, simply is in you, in the depths of your being, this is your root, is your source you came into this world. Happiness is not a state of emotion, it is a state of peace and tranquility, it’s like when the river water is still, quiet, alone showing all its beauty, is when you break up with all these lies that you were programmed, when you break with the umbilical cord that ties you to the past, your ideas, your beliefs, when you are aware of everything that makes you suffer, leaving the path that others created for you, then only then you will be free and happy.

We create our happiness or unhappiness, nobody else does, most people spend all their lives trying to control everything and they want things done their way, without realizing that they produce a state of anxiety and causing frustration suffering and incomprehension. they live unconsciously their own reality.

Remember you were born pure and natural, it is still in you, never abandon you. Most humans live mired in what happens in the outside world, trying to get something and be somebody, completely forget the connection with their inner world. You still can find and use material things that man creates, but if you do it consciously, building it inside out, then you will have found true happiness.

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