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When we started Hack and Paint we were sure only about one thing — that we wanted it to be completely “self-managed” game company.

There are a few common characteristics and underlying principles in all self-managed companies. A key principle is that decisions are based on giving and receiving advice. One of the first policies, we introduced at Hack and Paint, was called “The Advice Process”. …

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Why Git-LFS?

As a small, distributed studio, Hack and Paint prefers to utilize open-source technology for our tools and workflow. We host our own private GitLab server to store and sync our work. Our main concerns are with a clear workflow for artists, stability and price.

Most of our team was already familiar with Git, so we felt Git-LFS was a worthy solution for tracking both our Unity projects, and raw asset development (Photoshop, Maya, Modo, ZBrush, Substance… etc).

It wasn’t a completely smooth ride at first, but once we sorted out a few messes, it started to work rather nicely.

  • Note: The following experiences occurred prior to using Git-LFS v2. Some issues may have been resolved since then.


Hack and Paint

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