I am speaking BlockCon #Blockchain convention in Santa Monica on 10/10 with Brian D. Evans on the growth & PR side of crypto.

To date, I’ve helped the growth of $25m+ in token crowdsales, with $300m+ total cap goals worth of projects next on deck.

Also, going to 5 people from LinkedIn as guests to come with me on Block Con (Tix Value $569).

To participate — share, like & comment below. Will pick 5 random by tomorrow.

Took all my combination of experience from launching 7-fig crowdfunding space into this space.

Crypto is still in its infancy. That means the business side of crypto is still nascent.

Opportune time to bring your business skillsets into this market that has shortage of professionals handling the backend or B2B side.

Lot of ICOs & Tokens are running very early style 2000 marketing.

All right hooks.


Mayweather & Paris Hilton marketing.

FOMO hype building etc.


Time to bring in the jab jab jab to legitimate tokens by storytelling & build up longterm growth.

At BlockCon I’ll be sharing insights on the backend/business side of crypto with first crypto launch of Unikoin Gold, Esports betting token backed by Mark Cuban, Pantera Capital, CoinCircle & more. Unikoin Token crowdsale is now live.

UnikoinGold.com is now live.

Will continue to write more about the business & growth side of crypto as I navigate through the space.

— — — 
Want to talk growth & crypto? Lets connect.


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