Queens+Kings x The Sandbox

3 min readMar 15, 2023


Hackatao brings the Kingdom of Subverted Hierarchies to the Sandbox Realm as Queens+Kings become playable Avatars.

Every now and then, two entities meet and form an alliance that adds value to both their realms, much like the Gods of Olympus coming together to take on the Titans. This is set to happen as the Frozen Queens+Kings become playable characters within the Sandbox world, a quest to challenge hierarchies in the Digital World!

This collaboration has been in the works for a while and will see OGs venturing into a Voxel space within the Web3 World, bringing added utility and value to a community filled with Royalty! Both parties believe in a future where more artistic projects are infused into the Sandbox Metaverse, ensuring that a vital platform is promoting Artistic projects.

A quick recap on our Queens+Kings project: This endeavour consists of 6900 customizable PFP Avatars. Royals as they are affectionately referred to, are comprised of interchangeable traits with a focus on collectors being co-creators of the art. The Sovereigns are entirely hackable — meaning that the owners have the ability to change all the features of the Royal to fully encapsulate their vision!

A new function has recently been introduced: Freezing.

Freezing is the process of solidifying the Avatar — hence no more hacking and in turn grants the Collector the rights to commercial use of the Royal, allowing the co-created Avatars to live within different worlds and in doing so, expanding the reach of the project as a whole.

In an effort to bring our style of Art to The Sandbox’s creative audience, we are inviting the Q+K community to freeze their Royals in order to grant them the opportunity of seeing their Frozen Sovereigns be transformed into Sandbox characters as a gift to be used within the games. Imagine the feeling of seeing your loved, unique creation as the archetype in a game of your choosing. The Sandbox character will be linked to the Frozen Q+K and will thus not be an NFT. This is the inherent power of the freeze function within this collaboration, allowing collectors to take their creations and venture into new realms and show them off!
Once connecting your wallet to Sandbox you will see your Avatar as an In-game hero. Please note that if you sell your Frozen Q+K NFT, the playable Sandbox character will be transferred as well.

Royals have up until the end of March ’23 to freeze their Q+Ks and have them eligible for the Sandbox Collaboration!

This is the first branch of this collaboration between Hackatao & Sandbox to enter the Digital world as the near future will see the release of a Sandbox Game: HACK THE TAO, which has been in the works for a number of years!

The Digital World is constantly evolving and the need to fuse art with technology is centre to the overarching narrative, ensuring that value is brought to the ones who believe in coding the technology with the beauty of art.