Top 5 Unexpected Benefits from Sponsoring a Hackathon

Contributors: Julian Kila, CFO HackDFW, and Saad Abughazaleh, COO HackDFW

If someone said “Sponsor a hackathon!,” the response tends to be, “I can’t support hackers!” Well, first off, hackathons are not for literal hackers. They’re competitions for programmers to innovate and build. Second, anyone can help sponsor a hackathon! Most companies don’t know the treasure trove of benefits that they provide; sometimes even for FREE! How is this possible? Keep reading these top unexpected benefits and you’ll find out.

1) Recruiting pool of world-class students

Put simply, Hackathons attract a wide range of top-tier developers and engineers. This makes them a great place for companies and recruiters to meet talented individuals, see their skills on site, and evaluate how they fare under pressure. On top of that, hackathons showcase soft skills that otherwise wouldn’t appear in a resume, such as passion and creativity.How else could you convince someone to be sleep-deprived for 24+ hours while programming non-stop they chose to?

2) Local, national, and global brand recognition

As both nation-wide and worldwide events, hackathons typically have the advantage of local, national, and global brand recognition. This gives sponsors an opportunity to capitalize on the buzz and ride the wave. Not to mention that philanthropy and helping the community is always great PR. But it’s not just about the event; sponsoring a hackathon makes you partners. This allows hackathons to go a step further and advertise the who sponsored them, further spreading the brand.

3) Real world API-testing and exposure

It’s the 21st century. No matter what the industry, every company has a backend API. Whether open-source or not, a hackathon provides real-world testing and exposure for these interfaces. Sponsors even have the ability to guide their creativity by providing Challenges, where they provide a criteria such as “Most Technical Application with Our API” or “Most Creative Mobile Program that Uses the Internet”. Either way, companies have the opportunity to release their API to a group of creative techies who will find unique applications and creative uses for it.They might even find and fix a bug or two!

4) Tax-deductible sponsorships

When it comes to corporations, two things are guaranteed: taxes and more taxes. Hackathons can help with that. No, not in that sense, but many hackathons are 501(c)(3) entities, which classifies them as a Non-Profit. This means that the sponsorship is tax-deductible and effectively free by writing it off! Take that company vacation to the Bahamas!

5) Leaders in the STEM Industry

Sponsors to hackathons get recognition as significant contributors to the STEM Industry. Hackathons work on building innovation, entrepreneurship, and technical skills in their participants, giving them the tools they need to propel the industry forward. This involvement provides the opportunity to participate in the process of developing an innovative and entrepreneurial generation of students!

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