Top Three (Four) Things for a Hackathon Venue

As the weekend for HackDFW approaches, we’ve spent a lot of time enhancing our venue for the event to make it the absolute best it can be. And we want to share some of our insights with you.

It’s actually a lot harder than you would expect to find a good venue for a hackathon. First, you need enough space. This year, we’re expecting over 2,000 attendees, so we need tons of space for that. Second, you need a venue with the right infrastructure, or the ability to get it. This includes electricity and internet. Third, you need a place that doesn’t restrict you too much — a lot of convention centers and other places like that will have catering agreements or other exclusive relationships that mean you have to use their providers for all your services.


Fortunately for us, Gilley’s Dallas is not only a pretty rocking concert venue, but also has a lot of space for everyone to work. In the main hacking areas, which encompass all of the rooms on the ground floor, you’ll find screens streaming the action from all around the venue as well as giving out announcements and important information. You’ll also have tons of room to spread out, since we’ve got over 91,000 square feet of space. And sponsors will be scattered throughout so you’ll never be too far from them.


Yeah, internet. Pretty important for a hackathon, right? But never fear, with the help from Opus-3, we were able to install 2GB of fiber into Gilley’s! We also have support from a leading wireless manufacturer to make sure your internet connection is rock-solid. We also brought in tons of electrical wiring and cabling to make sure that we got everyone the power they need to make great things.

Personal Amenities:

We’re talking things like bathrooms, food, drinks…all the things that you don’t really think about…until you don’t have them. Never fear, though, HackDFW has got you covered. We have some pretty AMAZING food and drinks (think RedBull to keep you up alllllllllll night).


Creative Inspiration:

So Gilley’s has this cool upstairs area called The Loft where we will be setting up some pretty cool activities. It’ll be decked out with bean bags and white boards to allow you to chill out with your team and ideate. We’ll also have workshops with professionals to help you make the most of your time at HackDFW. At night, it’ll turn into a sleeping room where you can catch a few hours before going back to work. It’s also got a patio for a brief step outside where you can get a great view of the beautiful Dallas skyline.

All-in-all, it’s shaping up to be a pretty awesome venue for HackDFW. But really anyone can apply these three (four) simple ideas to any hackathon venue. It’s all about determining your needs and then planning for them.

And we hope you’ll check out our venue at HackDFW in a week! Happy hacking!

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