Xss in Microsoft

I have done the usual recon process and found a subdomain of microsoft (imagineacademy.microsoft.com) ,which faced XSS(cross side scripting) bug..

I had reported the same following responsible disclosure measures to microsoft ,in the month of march.

After few days,I received a confirmation mail from Microsoft stating that a –“ A fix was confirmed for the issue you presented. Microsoft would like to recognize your efforts on our public security researcher acknowledgement page: “Security Researcher Acknowledgments for Microsoft Online Services”. “

This was my first bug report and achievement from Microsoft.

They have provided me security acknowledgement in their website(hall of fame equivalent for microsoft) and also swag(for other vulnerabilty,which i cannot disclose now).

The payload was simple one :<svg/onload=alert(document.charset)>,in the search bar.

This is my first article on my findings…..

I will continue to update my further finding,

To receive updates kindly follow me up.