Scamming the scammers

Hacker Fantastic
Nov 29, 2018 · 3 min read

As someone who owns a company called “Hacker House” and uses the online moniker “Hacker Fantastic” — I am often inundated with requests to hack spouses emails, steal money or engage in some kind of criminality. The scammers who contact me with such requests often have low intelligence and believe some of the strangest things. I thought instead of ignoring these constant requests, placing them on a block list that I might try to honour a few of them (at least so they thought). Here’s what happened when Rihanna (you know, the entertainer?) contacted me ….

Remember that all this time wasted by the scammer most likely prevented them being able to con others, although I think they might need to up their game as me and Rhianna are pretty tight.

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