What does a JS developer do

Much jobs are different, I’m the lead developer in the project I got assigned, in short my work is like this.

To begin with the project manager gives me an overview of the scope and features the application will have, then we work together with him, the user group and the designers to create some moqups of the functionality, layout and all that. A moqup will look like this, http://goo.gl/Gqfiqm *this is not from my job. This is like an ongoing process since things might change during the development, but is usually what you start with in a new job; the other option is that you get hired to continue developing or maintaining an existing application, this, I think is harder and more annoying, and what you do is to explore the current application, both by using and by reading the current source code.

Now, in a weekly basis my schedule would be like, Mondays, meeting with most of the company to talk about what we’ve done, meetings with the developers to discuss the progress of last week and the goals for this week, then meetings with project managers and designers, talk about functionality and see the state of the application. The rest of the week would be spend designing code, coding, debugging, writing test cases, etc. Q&A engineers will also look at it and give their opinion and I will have to fix things, etc.

Another thing that I spend a lot of time into is reading about different approaches to something, finding new tools to make my job faster, reading through the source code of the frameworks that I use to learn how to use them better, etc.

Other things that a front end developer will do is add the javascript code for google analytics or mixpanel, or whatever plugin they want to use, you have to sit down with the back end developers and try and understand the APIs.

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