What is Internet Black Hole?

Today we can discuss about internet black hole:

Internet black hole is the strange mystery of internet. We know that on the internet every data is transferred in the form of packets. But the strange thing is that when the packets is transferred from one device to another in the middle one or more packets are suddenly disappeared. But the searchers, point of view is that the packets are not disappear. They can go to another destination point. During this whole search the American researchers said that the data is go to the unknown island which is in America. But when the researchers go on this island. They don’t see any thing which can capture the packets.

Today this is become a mystery on the internet. But according to my point of view maybe there are some criminals which can stole packets or maybe the packets is lost in environment because the packets are in the form of electrical pulses and electricity is also a form of energy and energy is transformed from on form to another. If you have any point of view about this topic. You can also comment me.

I hope after reading this article you can know about what is internet black hole. This is my opinion about this topic. If I can take any mistake please comment me and I am waiting for your response.

Thank You.

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