What is Zombie Computing?

Today we can discuss about zombie computing:

Zombies are the fictional films characters which are looked like monsters. Who’s mainly work are to attack on their target and destroy them. The term zombie computing work are also just like this. In the field of computer science or cybersecurity the zombie is a computer which is connected to the internet and infected with malwares like trojan horses, worms and viruses etc. These types of zombie computers are used to do malicious activities like making a botnet of these zombie computers to perform different attacks like email or sms spamming and denial of service attacks etc. But the interesting thing is that the owner of the computer didn’t know about it.

For Example:

A person can download a software which is infected with malware. But the person didn’t know about it. He/She can used the software and complete his/her work but on the back side the the software can do its malicious work according to its owner commands. The attacker can send different commands to that malicious software with the help of internet and the software do work according to the given commands. Suppose if the attacker can compromised millions of computers with this malicious software. So, he/she can make a botnet of these computers to do many attacks like denial of service attack, email spamming etc without the permission of their owners and the interesting thing is that in all of these attacks the bandwidth of compromised computers are used.

My Opinion:

My opinion on this topic is always download softwares from authentic sources and be aware from cracked or modified versions of softwares. Otherwise your computer is also become a zombie computer and its work without your permission.

I hope after reading this article you can know about what is zombie computing. This is my opinion about this topic. If I can take any mistake please comment me and I am waiting for your response.

Thank You.

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