A look back at Hacker Unit season 1

Hacker Unit, the remote accelerator emphasizing the importance of a startup’s talent just finished its inaugural season on AI.

Over the course of 90 days four companies were selected and coached by the CEOs of successful AI startups, including influencers like Rand Hindi of Snips, Chris Bailey of Hotel Tonight, Francisco J.Martin of BigML and more.

Since the beginning of this accelerator program three months ago, startups and mentors alike have worked endlessly, and from all corners of the globe, to refine business models, prepare companies for launch, and finally, help the founders pitch their visions before potential VCs.


From April to July 2016

We are proud to announce that the next season of Hacker Unit, the first entirely remote accelerator program, will be dedicated to the fields of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, and we are currently accepting applications until April 1.

Hacker Unit was founded on the premise that amazing startups exist all over the world, many of which can’t afford to move to Silicon Valley, or have no desire to. …

12 Things deep-learning startups need to know

With a startup, you have to jump before you can be certain where you’ll land. Being comfortable with that is really important.

Founded in 2014, Nervana Systems is a San Diego-based startup that’s building an easy-to-use cloud platform for deep learning — one that companies can use to make their applications smarter. So far, the startup has raised close to $25 million in funding.

Its three founders — Arjun Bansal, Naveen Rao and Amir Khosrowshahi — met while working at chipmaker Qualcomm. …

8 Ways to startup success

“Don’t wait too long.”

Chris Bailey is a co-founder of HotelTonight, a mobile-only product allowing users to book great last-minute hotel rooms at competitive prices. Though it shares a space with giants like Expedia, Priceline and Booking.com, the app is extremely successful and, since its inception five years ago, continues to expand all over the world.

In this masterclass for HackerUnit, Chris tells us why HT has performed so well (“you need a really great product”), has continued to do so (“we take customer support seriously”) and how to get good ratings on the app store (“pay a lot of…

7 Questions to AI startups

A prototype should not mean crappy code.

If you’ve never heard of Tom Portegys, let’s bring you up to speed. He’s an academic through and through, earning an undergrad degree in psychology, and later, both a masters and PhD in computer science. He owns a patent for a device that measures distance with lasers, has a long-standing interest in artificial intelligence, and even writes poetry. (You can read a collection called Elevator Shoes on his personal website.) Most recently, though, Tom has entered the brave new world of startups.

Somewhere near Seattle, accompanied by his cat, Emily, Tom sat down…

According to Rand Hindi “AI will make technology disappear”

“It’s simple, you just need to like people.”

From a dark corner somewhere at the Snips office, peering at his laptop screen and preparing to lead an online masterclass organized by HackerUnit, Rand Hindi is gearing up to share his knowledge on how to run a successful startup. From advice on hiring and the importance of patents, to his thoughts on acquisition and how to pitch to investors, the data scientist and entrepreneur unveils his wisdom about starting a business and avoiding the mistakes he’s made. His audience is eager.

Rand started coding at the age of 10, founded a…

Hacker Unit

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