5 reasons to Come to HackHarvard

Are you a college student in search of something to do? Do you dream about making new things and learning new technologies? Do you like free stuff?

Then it seems like HackHarvard is for YOU! If you aren’t already hooked, keep on reading to learn more about why you should come to HackHarvard.

  1. Meet other passionate students from around the country (and abroad!)

HackHarvard provides a unique environment for you to meet other college students that share similar interests from great universities across the country. This is an opportunity to experience one of the oldest universities in the nation alongside other students from various different backgrounds.

Picture of some really passionate students. You get to meet them. If you come.

2. Learn new skills

With so many hackers in one place, HackHarvard offers a unique opportunity to learn from each other. This is a time to work with others on new projects, learn about past projects that others have worked on, and immerse yourself in cutting edge technology. With mentors, there’s no excuse to not try something new and go for it. Whether you know a lot coming in or not, you will still learn something new at HackHarvard College.

People showing off their “skills.” Want some of these skills? Come to HackHarvard

3. Community

While Hackathons perpetuate the idea of constantly sitting in front of a laptop for 36 straight hours, in reality, there is a lot of down time/breaks to meet other hackers, go to community events, and take advantage of the social events (like a screening of the Social Network, DDR competitions and VR experiences)! HackHarvard gives you the opportunity to network and connect with other students in a social, casual, and above all fun setting.

People smiling. They are probably friends. They could have met at HackHarvard. This could be you.

4. Prizes/Sponsors

HackHarvard will be a great opportunity to meet sponsors and learn about potential new summer internships or jobs! Sponsors will be present to chat informally during the hackathon as you work. Some of the sponsors that will be present at HackHarvard are Microsoft, Illumina, Capital One, Google, DE Shaw and Co, and many more.

Want a job? Yeah me neither.


This one is pretty self explanatory. Free shirts, food, swag, etc.

Registration desk with free stuff that could be yours. No strings attached. Just free stuff.

Hope to see you there!

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