How is this all possible?

There are a lot of moving parts that go into making a hackathon. You need to reserve space, provide food, organize gear, get swag, make sure the wifi is good enough to render 750 4K videos simultaneously, and make sure everything goes off without a hitch. The most important part of the hackathon, however, and the most crucial, is you. Hackers are what drive hackathons— hence the name — and it’s all about the experience that each individual takes away.

What’s tough though is making hundreds of separate unique experiences for everyone. I know what you’re saying, “…but you’re Harvard students!”, and you’re right, but we definitely need some help.

Lucky enough for us, and for you, we’re not the only ones who see how amazing hackathons, and you all, are. Our sponsors recognize the amazing ideas and projects and community present at HackHarvard and are the driving force behind everything that gets done. We want to issue this post as a huge shoutout and thank you to them, while giving you all the lowdown on why they’re awesome.


Our returning title sponsor from last year needs no introduction. While I’m not sure whether or not Bill Gates will make a return to his alma mater, his hacking spirit is clearly still alive and well on campus. In addition to Microsoft’s mentors and their branded products, they’ve been extremely generous in donating a few extra toys. So if you’re into 3D printing, Raspberry Pi, or Kinect, then you’re in luck!

Brandon Bray giving Microsoft’s tip-off keynote for HackHarvard 2015.

Capital One

Interested in big data? Money? The intersection between technology and business? If you said yes to any of those questions then, first: you’re in the right place, and second: you’re in luck with Capital One returning this year. They had a great time interacting with hackers last year, and we can’t wait to see how you partner up with them! Also they have some pretty sick stickers.


Unfortunately, we have too many sponsors to give each their own big blurb. It’s probably for the best though, since they give way better tech pitches and can get you more excited in person than I ever could through a Medium article. Take this as an introduction, as you’ll get to speak with all of these companies face to face in just a couple short weeks.



D.E. Shaw

Dell EMC




Hudson River Trading

Rough Draft Ventures


Intel (and their fantastic Edison boards)

Red Bull, Insomnia, and Wonderful to keep everyone’s stomach happy :)

and MLH for once again backing us and keeping everything top of the line! (Plus they’re also bringing Soylent)

So no matter what you’re into, or where you’re from, one sponsor here should fit your interest. We’re incredibly thankful to have them on board, and excited to partner with them to bring you an incredible weekend. See you in two weeks.