Ever wondered how your builds are doing? Circle CI is a wonderful tool, but it won’t tell you where you’re being inefficient.

There are 4 key metrics (also known as DORA metrics or Accelerate metrics). They’re the industry standard for healthy teams.

  1. Mean Lead Time
  2. Change Failure Rate
  3. Mean Time To Recover

With this data, you can start making choices about how you work, how to optimise pipelines and how to be a fast driver.

What is Honeycomb?


As we race through 2021, tech companies get more and more complex. We get better at distributing and separating our code. Gone are the days of the monolith; microservices are here to stay. It will typically take hundreds of microservices or more to run a medium to large tech company. Being able to understand how effective you are at deploying those microservices becomes more powerful. Honeycomb Build Events will give you insights you’ve never had before on your deployment pipelines.

Environment Variables

The orb requires some environment variables to be set in your CircleCI context or Environment Variables. At minimum:

Dan Cohen

Senior Platform Engineer at Cazoo

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