Bay Area Hacker Houses

Jul 18, 2015 · 5 min read

written by Alfred Ly

Amidst the startup boom of the 21st century, hacker houses were conceived as an way for tech entrepreneurs to live together with like-minded individuals and get directly plugged into the tech scene. The idea is to build out a network for people new to the Silicon Valley, whether in town for a conference, YC interview, internship, or trying to launch their startup. There are a variety hacker house options: from independently owned units listed on Airbnb, to chains of hacker houses located throughout the SF Bay Area. Since their start, these homes have grown to be much more than a dormitory environment where young hopefuls can collaborate on projects. They have become a haven where entrepreneurs can meet each other, and collaborate to tackle tough problems and work on their startups.

There have been a number of success stories that have emerged from these unorthodox living spaces — Facebook, Apple, and even smaller, but more notable startups like Boomtrain all have their roots attributed to hacker houses. More and more young entrepreneurs are looking into hacker houses as a viable option for them, so we have put together a list of some of the more popular ones to help make the search easier:

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via Bed|n|Build


Bed|n|Build sets out to eliminate all noise and distraction that comes with moving to a new city. Providing residents with an environment for their ideas to focus and thrive, Bed|n|Build has convenient locations in San Francisco and Redwood City. Prices start at $1400 a month.

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via Facebook

Casa Hacker

2028 27th Ave, Oakland, CA, 94601

Casa Hacker is the sister house to Silicon Valley Hacker House. Prices start at $40 a night, $250 a week, to $750 per month, making it one of the most affordable options on this list.

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Google3 Startup House

2332 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA 94118

Enjoy the great community and a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment without breaking the piggy bank. The ideal landing pad for entrepreneurs, designers & engineers in San Francisco. Prices start at $1096 per month.

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via AirBnB

Hacker Home

With a network of over 11 homes, this chain of hacker houses is sure have its residents get well connected with like-minded people. Prices range from $60 a night to $1900 per month.

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via TheExaminer


200 12th St, San Francisco, California, 94103

Providing room and board for 15–20 people, Negev provides its residents with a cozy workspace environment. They have recently opened new locations on 1044 Folsom St and 219 6th Ave. Application for residency is required.

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via RainbowMansion

Rainbow Mansion

21677 Rainbow Dr, Cupertino, CA 95014

Rainbow Mansion currently consists of seven residents from five countries, and includes employees from Google, NASA, Tesla, Discovery Channel, and various startups. This hacker house utilizes all 5,000 square feet for various bio lab and workshop setups. Application for Residency required.

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via Google Maps

Silicon Valley Hacker House

1002 N 3rd St, San Jose, CA 95112

A community of hackers from around the world. This house is all self-service, and most tenants are long-term. Prices range from $42 a night to $750 per month.

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via StartupEmbassy

Startup Embassy

334 Tennessee Ln, Palo Alto, California, 94306

Startup Embassy is located in Palo Alto and is home to 10 residents, with a growing network of alumni known as ambassadors. Application for residency is required.

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via StartupHouse

Startup House

934 Howard St, San Francisco, California, 94103

StartupHouse is co-working and co-living space focused on creating a supportive environment for a diverse community. Application for membership is required.

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via AirBnB

StoneHenge Hacker House

This hacker house is nested in the residential neighborhood of Palo Alto. Getting around town is very convenient; within walking distance from Stanford, and Cal-train. Prices range from $65 a night, to $1000 per month.

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via Facebook

Summer of Love Student Housing

875 Post St, San Francisco, California, 94109

With 8 locations in the San Francisco area, and access to 18 rehearsal studios and event spaces, Summer of Love Student Housing is perfect for students in the performing arts. This living space really stands out as it is the only house to have its own radio station through Music City San Francisco. Prices start from $595 — $895 per month.

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via SunflowerHacker House

Sunflower Hacker House

Sunflower Hacker House is located in Millbrae. They are accepting applications for residency from teachers, entrepreneurs, non-profits, un-schoolers, ed-tech developers, and anyone interested in making the world a better place.

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via 939 MakersHub

939 Makers Hub

1539 Third Ave, Walnut Creek, California 94597

939 Maker Hub’s massive 10,000 square feet space is comprised of individual rooms, private offices, co-working space, and a rooftop courtyard. Visit their offices located in Vallejo and Walnut Creek. Application for residency is required.

Know of a hacker house that should be listed here? Email us at

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