The intent and drive for Code Performance

Performance oriented development is really critical

Before a programmer writes code the intent ,focus and motive should be really clear

Usually writing code in many cases will have a loosely bound intent of just getting it working , But someday an organization will pay for code written with such a loosely bound intent

And one of the very important intent for a programmer to have while writing lines of code is performance

Its sad that discussion regarding code performance rarely goes on amidst development teams , but a good developer has this culture by default

Luckily for the backend development Golang comes with amazing set of tools for checking code performance

Wow , How beautiful the term “Code Performance is “ ?? This will haunt me for a while…

If Performance from day 1 is critical for an organization for their growth and why not the same emphasis on code writing from day 1 ?why does it lack priority in a startup or an organization?why is it not made as a standard ?why is it taken lightly and considered as something to be taken care later … Lot many questions to be answered !

I think going hard on programmers for performance oriented development will turn out a great measure for the organization in future , otherwise someday the weird behavior of the systems may seem like magic !

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