Announcing HackLibra

The first online hackathon dedicated to Libra.

Jul 15 · 2 min read

The Libra Devs community is happy to announce its first Libra hackathon, HackLibra!

In the initial days after the announcement of the public Libra Testnet, we formed Libra Devs as an open source community for independent developers to help each other in experimenting with Libra. Developers in Libra Devs are already creating new and exciting applications on the upcoming Libra platform.

To incentivize future development, to help grow our community, and to have some competitive fun, we decided to organize and host our first hackathon.

HackLibra is focused on the creation of useful tools, libraries, tutorials and other applications that can help future developers work and develop on Libra.

The contest will take place over a 4 week period, with hacking starting on the 1st of August, and by the end the winning proposals, as chosen by our qualified judges, will be given a small, crowd-funded prize.

We hope that everyone will take part in this exciting event and help Libra achieve it’s true potential.

To learn more, visit Applications are now open!

For a more real-time avenue of communication, check out Libra Devs community on Discord and Telegram. There you’ll find community members who can help answer questions, meet other developers and find teammates to compete in the hackathon.


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Join us for a four week online hackathon to build the future with Libra and compete for awesome prizes.

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