Next up, introducing our Internal Team. Internal makes it all happen, from our team retreat, to our workshops, to our apartment crawl! If you’ve ever been to one of our workshops, they organized that. Similarly, our fundraisers and other events! If it concerns HackMcGill and our on-campus presence, it concerns them. They also lend a huge hand in McHacks!

Graham Adachi-Kriege

Introducing the Sponsorship Team! They’re responsible for (big surprise) getting sponsors for HackMcGill, and by doing so they ensure that our flagship event, McHacks, is free for hackers. Their work also provides networking and mentorship to hackers from industry professionals. They find new sponsors and keep our current sponsors happy. The sponsorship team attends networking events, sends hundreds of emails, and sets up phone calls and meetings with sponsors. Without the sponsorship team, an event as large as McHacks would not be possible.

Marie-Claire Langdon

Our coms team looking fly

Introducing the Communications team aka the voice behind HackMcGill. The Coms team is in charge of all communications; pretty self explanatory. We’re glad you found us on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, etc. It means we’re doing our job right. Our work is centered around creating a public brand for HackMcGill and our flagship event, McHacks. All of the outreach, questions, messages, tweets and emails get written by us as well as strategy to ensure that as many people as possible are aware of our mission: to empower students with technology.

Elisa Branson

TL;DR: McHacks is happening very soon, and we wanted to publish an unnecessarily long Medium post about prizes at hackathons, why perfect democracy doesn’t work when it comes to judging, our new judging system for this year, and bobcats.
There’s absolutely no reason why the sections are titled after Beatles songs.

Last year, McHacks experimented with democratic judging.

Shout out to Context.IO for the vid!


After teams were done submitting their hacks on Devpost, we assigned them tables and had a science-fair style expo, where every team demoed their hack to whoever stopped by. We built a voting platform, that…

Zander Chickenboots [1][2] recently gave a Unity tutorial for HackMcGill. Check it out.

[1] Alias for… no one knows.
[2] Also a musician for a Montreal-based band.

HackMcGill holds coding tutorials for the McGill community fairly often, where someone talks for a ~short period of time on the basics of web dev, Android dev and Python code golf. We call these Hack101s.

While these are awesome, we face the classic problem of engaging and retaining users — people often drop out because of midterms/assignments, because they missed the previous tutorial, or simply because they don’t want to see someone typing stuff into a Soda Dark themed screen after an entire day’s worth of classes spent doing exactly that. …


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