Meet the team: Sponsorship

Oct 10, 2018 · 4 min read

Introducing the Sponsorship Team! They’re responsible for (big surprise) getting sponsors for HackMcGill, and by doing so they ensure that our flagship event, McHacks, is free for hackers. Their work also provides networking and mentorship to hackers from industry professionals. They find new sponsors and keep our current sponsors happy. The sponsorship team attends networking events, sends hundreds of emails, and sets up phone calls and meetings with sponsors. Without the sponsorship team, an event as large as McHacks would not be possible.

Marie-Claire Langdon

Introducing our Sponsorship Lead, Marie-Claire! MC is a U3 student in Software Engineering. She’s from West Orange, New Jersey, not to be confused with East Orange. She loves all animals except for monkeys, because according to her, “they’re like hairy children”. MC is a dog person who claims to be a horse person, but she has a (really cute) cat; we’re just as confused as you are. In her spare time, she likes to bake, clean, and watch Netflix on other people’s accounts. At school, you can almost always find her in the Trottier building.

Laura Watkin

Meet Laura, HackMcGill’s Finance Lead! Laura is a U3 Information Systems and Computer Science student from Chicago, Illinois. She (claims to) know Spanish and Chinese. When asked about her proficiency in Chinese, she responded with “it’s hard, I don’t know.” Her favorite season is fall because likes the weather and the fact that it’s the start of the school year. Despite her being in Management, Laura prefers BdA to 4à7 because “4à7 is not fun.” We agree, Laura. When asked for her opinion on the contentious pineapple on pizza debate, she’ll give you a deep sigh.

Enan Ashaduzzaman

This is Enan, one of our sponsorship coordinators. Enan is a U2 student in Electrical Engineering. He is from Montreal which might explain why he didn’t know that Switzerland and France were adjacent. According to Enan, “nobody goes out on Tuesdays” so he prefers Tokyo Thursday. As for on campus bars, he likes 4a7, but probably only because he has never been to BdA.

Isabelle del Mundo

Meet Isabelle, another one of our sponsorship coordinators. Isabelle is a U2 student in Software Engineering. Isabelle is from a place called “Trophy Club” Texas. If you look it up it’s in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, so we’re convinced it’s a fake place like Saskatchewan. Her drink order when she goes for coffee is a matcha latte with oat milk if possible. She was recently in Chicago and states that the reason she likes it so much is because she hasn’t “had a bad matcha latte yet” — (@ursisisabelle on twitter, she’s private so don’t try to follow it). She loves the show Parks and Rec and she’s also a huge fan of Abba so when asked to decide between Tokyo and Café Campus, she chooses the latter.

Roshane Jochum

Meet Roshane (ɹɑʃæn), a U2 Computer Science student and also one of our sponsorship coordinators! The reason why we included the phonetic transcription is because nobody, not even herself, can “pronounce her name in English.” Speaking of languages, she’s fluent in both French and English and proficient in German and Persian. She’s from Sciez, France. It’s a town near the Swiss border whose name is coincidentally also extremely difficult to pronounce. Her order when at a cafe is hot chocolate. Very wholesome, and also goes to show that she hasn’t been in the Computer Science program long enough.

Next Week: Meet the Internal Team!


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