Routine Report July 2017

Arvin Khamseh
Jul 31, 2017 · 11 min read

The month of July has been mostly focused on …

Here is what happens when you do the workout routine I’m tell you about:

Although 500 is not the largest weight. Going from 350 to 500 in a month of July is attributed to a couple of things:

  1. Intermittent fasting
  2. Pre-workout Keto-pre
  3. Ketogenic diet
  4. Also, nootropic accidentally consumed before my workout

Apart from that, my workout routine stayed exactly the same as RR 17.

Here is my workout routine:

First 15 days of the month:

Workout A: A good intro to intermittent fasting

— Shorter hours of fasting: from 10:30pm to 7:00AM.

— First thing in the morning, have 1 shot of bullion.

— Then I have at least 1000ml (1L) total Exclusion Zone (EZ) water (add one drop of lemon essential oils to it) including the water with the bullion.

— Workout first thing in the morning. The reason behind this is that typically from 6–8 AM our cortisol hormone (stress hormone) is at its highest (particularly for people who are on a Ketogenic diet).

Pre-workout: (30 minutes before): take one serving of BCAA.

— 1–3 reps of the maximum weight you can possibly do. Of course, this is not for those of us who are just starting to lift. It’s a little bit advanced so ask for help from a personal trainer.

— Only go as far as 12 sets.

— take 3 minute breaks between the sets.

Right before the workout, make sure to warm up your body and especially warm up your shoulders.

Post-workout (right after): have one serving of glutamine, one serving (30g) of protein, 1 bouillon dissolved in hot water.

— foam roll and gut-smashing right after the workout.

— no carbohydrates until 5pm. no fats until 2 hours after the workout is complete.

— at 5pm have one serving of creatine and as much carbs as you can take without getting kicked out of ketosis. Currently, I’m having a good amount of white rice and I still stay within ketosis.

See this Instagram post about measuring how much carb you can take before getting kicked out of ketosis: “Am I producing #ketones yet?”

The second 15 days of the month:

Workout B: Longer fasted hours.

— Fast all the way to 5pm (from 10:30 pm the night before) and workout fasted.

— Drink one shot of bullion cube.

— Have one serving of Knox gelatin.

— Every other hour until 5pm, I have one rocket fuel drink (up to 3 of them). As always if you overdosed on coconut oil, you can always reverse the nausea or any other effects by chugging apple cider vinegar mixed with water.

Rocket Fuel Drink:

Butter, Coconut Oil, Hot water, 100% Cacao Powder

— The last rocket fuel drink is 30 minutes before the workout.

Pre-workout: (30 minutes before): take one serving of BCAA. One serving of KetoCaNa.

— Take 2 minute breaks between the sets.

— 5 sets of 5 reps including major muscles.

— the last 2 sets can be combined sets.

Right before the workout, make sure to warm up your body and especially warm up your shoulders.

— have one serving of creatine.

Post-workout (right after): have one serving of glutamine, one serving (30g) of protein, 1 bouillon dissolved in hot water.

— foam roll and gut-smashing right after the workout.

— Have carbohydrates the latest during the night the better. This will keep you in a muscle reserving state (ketosis). Take as much carbs as you can take without getting kicked out of ketosis. Currently, I’m having a good amount of white rice and I still stay within ketosis.

— Take shoes off and ground yourself as often as you can.

I have created a bunch of private channel on Telegram App which you can download for free. Create your own channel and name it 10ToGratitude_Past&Present

During your workout you can list 10 things you are grateful for from past and present time.

60 hours post my leg workout, I woke up with excruciating pain. As I’m writing this my balls are num because I’ve rubbed a lot of tiger balm on my thighs and it somehow worked its way to my balls. Not a happy bunny here:(

Would you think that Cryotherapy would be a good hack to get rid of the pain? Absolutely not! As a huge advocate of Cryo, I’d not advise it right after your workout if you are after building mass.

You do want to tiger balm the hell out of your body when you do get the pain though. As we’ve discussed in the Extraordinary Human Living protocol, pain is an additional stress we do not need.

In July, I’ve been experimenting with the effects of exogenous ketones from Pruvit, Ketosports and Ketocredible on my Acetone concentration.

On July the 8th, I spoke at Taste of Paleo festival. Before my talk I broke my fast by some exogenous ketones from Pruvit. An hour later my ketone went from 10.9 to 11.2. Until the 2nd hour did not eat anything else. On the 2 hour, ketones went up closer to 12.

I had a feeling tasting a lot of low carb foods going to lower my ketones significantly. It did not. By the end of the festival my measure was back around 10 which is still in ketosis.

Couple days before my event: Extraordinary Human Living at Artistic Athletic, I was privileged to be invited to Vasper at NASA Mountain View. You can watch me try out the machines here.

See this post for more details on my experience and the science behind the machines.

I did measure my ketones before and after the workout to see if there will be any changes. There was none.

Nevertheless, I’m swearing by this machine at the moment.

Learning Experiences during experimentation with nootropics:

One day I accidentally combined 1 serving KetoCaNa (from KetoSport), 1 serving Keto-pre(from Ketocredible), 2 servings of Keto-boost (from Ketocredible), 1 serving Creatine, 1 Serving BCAA, Caffeine and Qualia. This combination is basically not to be tried EVER again! I definitely lifted much higher weight. However, my heart rate was up the roof.

Additional Supplements: A more comprehensive list I curated can be found on

  1. Kaizen protein shake and Grassfed Smart Protein shake: ONLY if you need it for saving time or hitting your protein quota. The Smart Protein shake tasted very healthy. I’ve possibly tried over 10 different protein shakes including European and American powders. This is the first time that I’m drinking a protein shake and I feel I’m drinking something healthy. It’s the same feeling as eating Vegetables. You gotta try to understand what I’m talking about. I’ve literally finished a container while I was on my 3-day training at NASA mountain view.
  2. Tones Chicken Bouillon Cubes: 1–2/ day
  3. Vitamin D3 Life Extension 5000 IU: 1/day
  4. Ashwaganda Swanson 450mg: 1/day
  5. Calcium Citrate Douglas Laboratories 250mg: 1–4/day. On July 28th, I did my Live Blood Analysis at Pure5 Wellness Hub with Dr. Diane and John Black with Quest For Health and found some plaques in my blood. Ouch! The plaques may be due to excess amount of Calcium. It may also be due to other factors. This is precisely why I want us to do check our biomarkers as opposed to ask me what’s the best amount of supplements you should take. The average daily limit (ADL) is for average people. If you are reading this chances are you do not fall into that category at all. My intention for August RR is to work on a new protocol to wipe out the plaques and get to the bottom of it. I will do another live blood analysis to see if the protocol worked.
  6. Lugol’s Solution 2%: 1 drop/day (especially for females)
  7. KAL — Magnesium Glycinate 400mg: 2/day
  8. Triple Strength Fish Oil Omega-3 Gold 2100mg: 2 softgels/day
  9. Hyperbiotics Immune 2tablets/day (I take this for the 67% zinc and vitamin C it has)
  10. IndeZone 1–2 servings/day. This has been super strong (AND AMAZING) for me.
  11. Qualia. Use Arvin10 to get 10% discount on it. See this post here as I’m still experimenting with this one.

*My rule of thumb as always for taking supplements and especially nootropics is that unless you get a huge response DO NOT TAKE them. I tried one other nootropic (not to be named here) for 10 days and had no significant response to it. That nootropic will not be recommended in neither.

You see we barely have any research on the interactions of supplements in our body and it’s an act of God to capture and isolate the effect of each supplement in comparison with each other and also a control group.

Any nootropics or other performance enhancing supplements that I take, find helpful and find research to back up the effect will make it to my Instagram handle and then subsequently into

Alcohol, caffeine, and social media consumption:

  1. I got 1665 Beer. I had Cesar Drink, vodka sake and Johnny Walker whiskey.

2. As promised I’ve spent less time on social media. I’ve also gone on FB group interaction moratorium.

3. Very little caffeine probably around 300mg total in the entire month.

4. Wise Ape Tea and Wize Mokey both feel good on my body. I’m looking into their ingredients so be on the look out for more detailed posts on both.

5. Tealixir This is Kambucha in a can filled with nootropics. I’m mega excited about this product right now.


  1. Ketoprimal kind.

Restaurants and Cafes I tried out:

  1. Urth Cafe African Latte with Almond milk
  2. Fat Burger: I’ve had 12 Triple King Burger (1.5Lb xxxL burger). It is by far my favorite fast food.

Quantitative Measurements: For a more comprehensive list see:

  1. Ketonix measurements first thing in the morning and last thing before bed
  2. 23andme
  3. Ubiome
  4. Biofeedback. Watch me do this. [On July the 28th]
  5. Live Blood Analysis. Watch me do this LIVE. [On July the 28th]
  6. Iridology. There will be a post on this soon. Watch on IG for it![On July the 28th]

Qualitative Measurements:

  1. Mega conscious of how I feel before and after nootropics.
  2. I feel smarter and more conscious compared to June.
  3. I’ve also felt that my short memory has been disrupted at times. It’s either a food sensitivity or heavy metal poisoning. In the last test I did, I did have some heavy metal poisoning which I’m working on right now.

**Morning Routine Essentials:

  1. Took Qualia first thing in the morning. Use the code Arvin10 to get 10% discount.
  2. Measure my ketones fasted. In the morning it reads somewhere around 70 on my Ketonix.
  3. Take 1 bullion and 30g of protein shake.
  4. Turn the Wifi back on.
  5. I wear my blue light blocker glasses on before turning my phone back on.
  6. I’ve been on the road in meeting biohacking experts all over the world. See this post for my travel routines here.
  7. Plug myself into the human charger for 12 minutes.
  8. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I work out.
  9. I currently do not have cardio days on Tuesdays and Thursdays as I’m cycling to my most destinations.
  10. Because this month is all about content creation, the first thing in the morning is to write. On Pandora app, I play the Hans Zimmer radio.
  11. Wear my Posture Corrector on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday because it literally holds my body upright. It takes a lot of energy, beyond we can imagine, to hold our posture upright. I don’t wear it on workout days as it’s too much stretching of the muscles on the same day.
  12. What I eat or drink is based on workout A or B that is explained above.
  13. Brush my teeth with My Magic Mud. See more here
  14. 15 minutes Brain.FM. This piece is a fluid one and I do it when I know my attention is low. The biology behind it is depletion of 2 neurotransmitters that are responsible for attention. You can deplete the them by just going through your Facebook feed for sometime. Once it’s depleted you can recover them by some Brain.FM time.
  15. 2, 20 minutes TM meditation.
  16. I write on a Telegram app 10 things I’m grateful for.

**Notice morning routine does not have to be in the morning. Of course the name hints to the timing of the routine being in the morning. However, there is no one to say you can’t continue or complete your morning routine in the evening.

*With that being said, there is also no need to become obsessive about completing your morning routine every day.

*The statement I just made is not a moral licensing and it’s very important to realize priorities trump completion when we are in an overwhelmed stage of our life.

Evening Routine Essentials: see this post for some sleep hacking routines

— Sleep at around 9:30 and 10:30.

— 4–5 nights slept at 2 am because I’m spending time my dad. See this post to learn WHY.

— Shut circuit, Wifi and Bluetooth off

— Phone is escorted outside the bedroom and is placed on airplane mode until morning.

KAL — Magnesium Glycinate 400mg.

— Super cool room temperature. You want it around 63–67 degrees.

— I’m wearing my blue light blocker glasses almost all day. You can only do that when you do get sufficient amount of blue light from sun and human charger. We do need some blue light and preferably from sun and human exposure not the mobile phone or computer screen.


— Microdermal electric, Vitamin C and High Frequency at Olga Facials. As I’m preparing to launch my podcast on age regression, I want to try out exotic and alternative treatments. Be sure to check out my IG handle for more on the treatments I did at Olga Facials.

— I stay far away from microwave during its operation to minimize EMF exposure. Learn more about EMF exposure from this post here.

— Added 4 spoons of olive oil and 2 spoons of Apple cider vinegar to my routines every day.

— I’ve had my phone on airplane mode 90% of the time this month.

— I brush my teeth using my left hand and I’m right handed.

What I tried and didn’t work:

  1. A pre-biotic starch. I got a massive acne breakout after using it for a week.
  2. Overdosing on Magnesium by taking 600mg supplement in addition to the Mg I get from protein shake, meat, etc. The outcome was disaster pants.

Concluding thoughts:

I welcome your thoughts and opinions on my routines and want to hear how it helps you. Please share the article with at least one person you think would benefit from it.

If you have a product that you want me to review to be presented in front of ~25K total social media audience, please DM me on Instagram @hackmybiology.

If you are interested in my biohacking mini-course head over to and download your course. That is a good start for anyone who wants to start their biohacking journey.

Arvin Khamseh Coaching. (“AKC”) article content and information provided by AKC staff is provided for informational purposes only. Such information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease or to provide medical advice. Nor is it intended to replace a relationship with a health care provider. Nutrition information on this article represents the opinions of the respective author and is protected under the laws of copyright and trademark.

No statement on this article is intended to imply that supplements can or should be used in place of a drug or medication or that supplements can cure, treat, or prevent disease. Any questions you may have concerning your use of drugs, medications, or supplements should be directed to your healthcare professional.

None of the product statements on the AKC article have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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