Holy Cow, They Did That in Twenty-Four Hours?

At HackOHI/O 2015, Track My Receipt was created by Brian Gorham and David Huang. Track My Receipt is an app that works with over 50 retailers allowing post-purchase price adjustments by checking for price drops, price matches, coupons, rebates, and bundle offers for the entirety of the receipt’s return policy length.

According to Brian, a student at Ohio State and founder of Brian Gorham Software, LLC:

“[The OHI/O 2015 Hackathon] really helped my partner David and I sit down and complete a project. You only have 24 hours to create something so it pushes you to look over the imperfections and just ‘do’. It is also beneficial to have other people there to bounce ideas off of and to hear ideas or critiques from the judges. It ultimately makes your product better.”

Congratulations to Brian and David! What will you create at HackOHI/O 2016?

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