What Does Quranic Arabic Mean?

Lately, I’ve been pondering on this term:

Quranic Arabic

Why do others use it to name their programs, and me mine?

Why not just use the singular term ‘Arabic’? Why prefix it with Quranic?

Here’s what I think.

For me, I chose the term because:

The aim of the Rootword Method program is to acquire the language foundation on which one is able to self-translate the Quran.

Now, a number of other programs that use Quranic Arabic or similar terms, a number of them seem to focus more on the Quran side more than the Arabic side, at least based on mere program descriptions.

In other words, it’s more of a tafsir class than it is a language class.

Technically however, Quranic Arabic would mean that one is teaching Arabic that is Quranic (as in how it is used in the Quran), and not about teaching the Quran that is Arabic. There’s something beyond semantics here.

But of course, I’m not saying anyone should change their program names as everyone is free to call their classes whatever names they like.

The whole point of this thinking process was for me personally to ponder on the suitable (re)naming of my program, since I rarely touch or teach any tafsir in my classes in the three foundational levels.

Which eventually led me to change the program name to:

The Arabic Course

Because that is what I teach first and foremost: Arabic.

Yes, the end game is to be able translate and understand the Quran. But it still begins with the language itself.

Furthermore, it seems that whenever I try to teach two things at a time: language and “tafsir”, the process can get messed up.


Because language is measured and calculated (objective, if you will). And the “tafsir” that sits on it is subjective, because essentially tafsir is all about interpretation.

The language is like a container, while interpretations are its contents.

Let me illustrate.

I’ll be teaching at least 2 new classes in 2019 (on Saturdays) to help others build a language container. If you are keen to build one, check out The Arabic Course via the link below: