Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It? The 50% Average Salary Increase Says So

Hack Upstate
Jan 15, 2019 · 4 min read
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If you’ve been interested in learning how to code, you may have noticed bootcamps popping up online and throughout the country more often. This concept isn’t new, depending on your notion of time in the software development world, but these courses have become much more popular in the last few years as the need for tech talent is growing exponentially.

The first program appeared in 2011 and there are now about 100 full-time courses in the United States offering intensive study and a focused path to a new career. But are coding bootcamps worth it? Let us examine that question so you can decide for yourself.

What exactly is involved in a coding bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps can be conducted online or in an in-person classroom setting, and can last anywhere from eight weeks to more than a year, depending on whether you enroll with a private bootcamp or a university program.

In a typical course, you’ll learn essential programming skills that will help you obtain internships and entry-level positions in tech. The curriculum varies from one bootcamp to another, but ideally you’ll learn the fundamentals of web development and basic web design before moving into your instructors’ preferred development stack. At Careers in Code, our curriculum is centered around JavaScript. You may also have a capstone project that you’ll be working on throughout the course as you develop your skills.

Each program will vary in its actual course topics, but what’s most important is that you’re learning the most up-to-date information as tech is a rapidly evolving space. Have the most current skill set makes students valuable to employers. Take a look at the Careers in Code curriculum to get a general idea of how the course progresses.

What jobs can I get after a coding bootcamp?

We wrote a longer post recently about all the different types of jobs you could get after graduating from a coding program; you can read it here.

TL;DR — You can look for internships and entry-level positions as a web developer, software developer, designer, DevOps engineer, in developer relations, and much more. The opportunities for tech talent are growing and the numbers are in students’ favor.

How much money can I make after a coding bootcamp?

The big question! According to Course Report, the average salary increase for coding bootcamp graduates is nearly 50%, with the average starting salary coming in at over $64K. For low-income students, the report found that they saw a 128% lift in salary after graduation. We’d say that sounds worth it!

With Syracuse being named the 9th poorest city in the country, as well as its status as an a quickly-growing tech hub, the question becomes how CNY residents can actually access these courses in order to get those tech jobs and make that money. In an effort to close the gap, Careers in Code offers coding bootcamp opportunities to women and minorities in local distressed communities so they can have more equal access to promising jobs in tech.

Will employers actually hire a bootcamp grad?

Nearly 80% of graduates found employment in a job that used their bootcamp skills, according to the same report, and most took no more than six months to find. When asked whether they would hire someone a second time from a coding bootcamp, 99.8% of the 1,000 HR managers surveyed said yes. In fact, 84% of them believe that graduates are just as prepared or more prepared than job candidates who hold computer science degrees. The numbers are, again, in students’ favor.

Our local tech community is growing, and hiring! We wanted to find a way to allow our CNY neighbors equal access to opportunities in tech so that we can empower residents of distressed communities and help local employers reduce their need to outsource. This way, they can hire talented folks right here at home.

How much does a coding bootcamp cost?

Course Report notes that full-stack immersive coding bootcamps average out around $12K and go upwards of $21K. Even on the lower end of the spectrum around $5K, the tuition for these programs are a major barrier to opportunities for prospective low-income students.

Thanks to a grant from the Alliance for Economic Inclusion and Onondaga County, we are able to provide each Careers in Code student with a full scholarship (which also covers course materials) so they can fully focus on their education.

How can I apply for Careers in Code?

We are still accepting applications for our bootcamp that starts this spring. Visit our website to learn more about our program, and click here to apply.

Learn to code. Transform your career. Apply today to Careers in Code.

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