So You Are Thinking About Registering for Hack Upstate

But you are not quite sure yet.

Maybe you are concerned that your skills won’t stack up and everyone will laugh at you.

You should know that people come to Hack Upstate with a huge breadth of skill sets. Sometimes they come to learn a new platform or spend some time with a new coding language, sometimes they are experts who want to create using a language they know and love. Sometimes people are just dipping their feet into html and css and heading in to learn what is possible. Don’t be intimidated that you won’t know the preferred language or that you don’t know the language you want to work in well enough to compete.

Maybe you are worried you won’t know anyone and you will sit in a corner all alone while people point and stare.

Hack Upstate is a friendly atmosphere. People are there to get to know each other, to say hi and to build something cool. And all these people are awesome and will gladly talk to you. So don’t hesitate to say hello to them.

Also keep in mind that many sponsors attend specifically looking for tech talent. People will talk to you because they want to know who you are, where you from, why you came and what you want to get out of attending. And not in that weird creepy Facebook stalker style, but in the, hey, let’s make this awesome for everyone involved way.

Maybe you are worried that you will starve to death and be forced to eat the stale crumbs between your keyboard keys.

Well, lucky you. Hack Upstate provides meals and snacks over the course of the weekend. You’ll be fed. You will become intimately familiar with a variety of granola based snacks and highly caffeinated beverages, but you will definitely not starve.

Maybe you are worried that you don’t have an idea so you will spend all weekend with your text editor open pretending you are doing something.

You don’t need an idea to participate. There are lots of ideas. If you have one and you want to create a team, great. If you don’t, pay attention during opening idea pitches and decide what you might want to work on. And keep in mind that sometimes a sponsor offers a really cool challenge that allows you to compete for a prize, so even if you have an idea, flexibility isn’t bad.

Maybe you are worried you won’t know what to wear.

Clothes. Clothing of any sort really works, but if you still aren’t positive, wear a plain t-shirt and cover it with the Hack Upstate t-shirt you will receive when you show up to the event.

Maybe you are worried that you won’t sleep and you’ll end up all jittery as you present your idea during demos.

I can’t save you from that one. Chances are pretty good that’s how it will turn out. Thankfully, no one will notice because everyone will be in exactly the same situation. If everyone is jittery, red-eyed and shaking, then nobody is.

So if you are on the fence, make the leap and register for Hack Upstate VII (April 9 and 10). I hope to see you there!

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