StartFast Code Bootcamp will turn you into a professional web developer in 12–24 weeks

Building a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. It requires commitment to a longterm strategy.

At the cornerstone of such a strategy is the need to cultivate STEM talent (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). With STEM talent precipitates an active and healthy tech community capable of scaling itself, recursively. This — in today’s digital age — is paramount to regional economic development.

That’s why there’s so much excitement surrounding the upcoming StartFast Code bootcamp which kicks off June 2nd. The bootcamp will teach participating students how to code and turn them into professional web developers in 12–24 weeks.

How does it work

In short, StartFast Code is a technical training program that teaches students the core elements of web development directly tied to current market demands. At the conclusion of the 12 and 24 week programs, graduating students will walk away with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain junior web developer positions.

This type of coding bootcamp model has proven tremendously successful in recent years. Graduating students on average walk away with a 38% increase in annual salary (i.e., $18,000 on average), and leave prospective employers anxious to hire further.

More important than monetary gain, coding bootcamps open doors to knowledge seekers and problem solvers. Through applied learning and rich community connections, bootcamp graduates find themselves uniquely-positioned to secure higher-paying jobs that offer endless opportunities to learn and experience new things.

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Who should apply

Those considering applying should have their own end goals in mind, and understand how a coding bootcamp will help satisfy them. More often than not, coding bootcamp candidates are individuals looking to obtain the skills necessary to change careers in today’s digital economy.

Candidates typically have little to no programming experience beforehand. They’re self-motivated, and thrive within an inclusive community with an active support system.

For those pursuing a career change, coding bootcamps — including StartFast Code — leverage their extensive networks of employers, and help align graduates with full-time employment opportunities. At the same time, prospective employers share information regarding the opportunities they have and help shape the curriculum.

This establishes an ongoing and malleable cycle that capably addresses a local economy’s tech talent supply and demand.

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How is StartFast Code different

The beauty of StatFast Code is its flexibility and its flipped classroom approach.

For instance, students have the autonomy to choose between either taking an intensive 12-week immersion course or opting to take 6-month part-time courses. In both cases students are shaped into professional web developers, and finish the program prepared and capable of fulfilling junior web developer positions.

Along with this, StartFast Code presents students with two paths as they make their way through the curriculum. Students can either identify a semester long project of their own choosing to work on as they make their way through the curriculum. Or, unlike other coding bootcamps, StartFast Code students have the opportunity to gain real, resume building experience by working alongside StartFast Venture Accelerator portfolio companies as they proceed through the curriculum.

Last but not least, StartFast Code utilizes a flipped classroom instructional strategy. This means curriculum content is delivered online and reviewed by students outside of the classroom on their own time, at their own pace. Then, five days a week, three hours per day, one or more instructors are available onsite at Syracuse Coworks to answer questions and assist with the online curriculum. These onsite class times are when students share progress and take advantage of mentored guidance to accelerate the learning process.

The proven success of the coding booting model coupled with the flexibility StartFast Code offers, uniquely position the program to make a profound impact upon CNY’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and the economy at large.

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How will it positively impact CNY’s economy

There are countless entrepreneurs, small businesses and established companies throughout the region looking to hire the tech talent necessary to grow and scale their businesses. Unfortunately, there’s a dramatic shortage in talent.

StartFast Code’s accelerated program offers a sustainable and repeatable solution to bridge this gap. It fosters a CNY talent pipeline that is positioned to endure longterm.

We’ve seen it before with other coding bootcamps throughout the country. I.e., teaching individuals with diverse perspectives and experiences how to code strengthens a region’s economy along with its competitiveness. The skills learned in coding bootcamps spur new ways of thinking and bestow students with the know-how necessary to address challenging problems through applied means.

The team at StartFast Code is committed to training the highest-quality technology professionals, both in skill and in character, and becoming a fixture and economic driver within the CNY community for a longtime to come.

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Apply Now:

Application Deadline: June 1st, 2016

Kickoff: June 2nd, 2016

Where: Syracuse Coworks