Why Should Your Kids Learn to Code?

Image via EdTechReview

Just last week, we dropped an innovative way to keep your kids learning throughout the summer, AT&T’s Youth Code Project. While we countdown to August 18th, the night of our workshop, we figured we explore why your kids should learn to code in the first place. Today, we identify four key reasons:

1. Opportunities are Scarce

Unfortunately, coding is often not a fundamental class taught in schools. Of course, online coding courses are available, but many can agree how difficult it can be to start on your own. (Although, online courses can be great supplemental tools!) Needless to say, opportunities for children to learn how to code are hard to come by. Fortunately, through AT&T’s Youth Code Project, kids across CNY will be able to take advantage of these free coding workshops.

2. To Teach Collaboration

Simply put, teamwork is critical for any group’s success because each team member contributes to the cause. But a team must be able to effectively collaborate and feed off of one another to be cohesive. Through interactive workshops, students are encouraged to learn and work together to establish key collaborative skills. Without strict rules, open environments like these help thrive young and strategic minds.

3. Problem Solving Becomes Second Nature

When people learn how to code, they also learn about logic. While logic can take years to learn, throughout the process, students learn how to efficiently solve problems. Naturally, these newly acquired skills can be applied to all types of circumstances. By restructuring the way we think, coding can shape students to become today’s problem solvers for tomorrow’s problems.

4. Your Kids Deserve It!

Seriously. Your kids are essentially sponges and can academically benefit from any opportunity that is provided to them. Through new learning experiences, children can truly find their own niche to excel in. Like anything, coding may not be for everyone, but children often show their unique colors through new perspectives on education. More importantly, it can be truly inspiring to see how a child can make their ideas come to life through coding.

If any of these ideas intrigue you, we encourage you to give it a shot! Two hours now can lead to promising careers and life-long hobbies for your children. Sign up today!