Community, conferences, and donuts: do you really want to know how they are made?

Catherine’s path

CodeRise students and organizers programming arduinos using scratch on One Laptop per Child

Tracy feels useful

PDXNode, Cascadia, and Empire
  • What to spend when you’re on a tight budget.
  • When to compromise and spend a little more(AV is a big one here, videos, streaming, childcare, transcription, etc)
  • Venue (contract negotiations, getting your preferred dates)
  • Parties (space, everyone is enjoying themselves that doesn’t revolve around alcohol)
  • Swag (making sure they do not end up in the donation bin, size t-shirts)
  • Timeline
  • Call for talks management, speaker declines, and speaker experience
  • Marketing
  • Website
  • People gotta eat
  • Accommodations
  • ….this is not comprehensive. We provide a few detailed recommendations to be wary of here.
  • Organizer group number that goes to the whole team and emails(and if email is an alias you need to list out who that alias actually goes to for safety’s sake)
  • A reporting app(watch out for no signal if this uses SMS lol)
  • Code of Conduct agreement that gates a purchase for registration to attend
  • Execution guidelines. Recommend that a lawyer review these.(we are not lawyers)
  • Open Twitter DMs
  • Identifiable clothing and badges for organizers– identify them throughout the conference as safety crew to talk to
  • All volunteers should be educated in who they should walk someone to(an organizer) in order to escalate a report. Volunteers should be instructed to not handle this on their own, and to not dismiss it ever.(even keep an eye out for behavior that isn’t being reported)
  • Having an incredibly diverse organizing crew because people will report to who they feel safest around.
  • Review the code of conduct and reporting guidelines before the conference with all organizers and volunteers together.
  • Crappy/crashed wifi
  • Protesters, police with teargas
  • Food poisoning
  • Hurricanes
  • Intense, unseasonable heat during an outdoor event
  • Power outage
  • Last minute speaker cancellations
  • Accounting/Sponsor experience(budget, reimbursements, payments, invoices)
  • Logistics/Venue coordinator(vendors, hotel, transportation)
  • Marketing/copy/social media(influences ticket sales through managing these)
  • Speaker experience(cfp, acceptance/decline)
  • Website
  • Content and Program Curator
  • Workshop Curator
  • Artist/designer/branding




@hackygolucky | Director, CFO @OpenSourceOrg | Head of Platform @SamsungNEXT | VP of Data-based Sass | Inciting confidence one convo at a time.

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Tracy Hinds

Tracy Hinds

@hackygolucky | Director, CFO @OpenSourceOrg | Head of Platform @SamsungNEXT | VP of Data-based Sass | Inciting confidence one convo at a time.

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