Bitcoin Press release: World’s first blockchain based Islamic bank HADA Bank has proudly announced partnerships F1Cryptos & Bitcoin PR Buzz and LDJ Capital’s Chairman David Drake.

6th February 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — Last week has been a busy week for the team at After announcing the partnership with F1Cryptos & Bitcoin PR Buzz respectively, the team will be able to officially announce LDJ Capital as their latest strategic partner, with Chairman David Drake to sit on their Advisory Board.

Bringing his vast experience and resources, The Soho Loft Media Group will be an extension of this partnership, acting as the latest media partner to collaborate with the team.

LDJ Capital invests and handles buy side advisory for institutional fund placement, mutual…

4th January 2018

Hada DBank’s Pre-ICO is finally live on the 29th Dec 2017. Our initial plan was to resume the Pre-ICO on the 20th December 2017. However, due to a security flaw that was detected right before the re-launch, we had decided to delay this, and the team had been working hard to rectify the problem. It is our greatest pleasure to announce that the Pre-ICO has resumed. 50 Million HADACoins are now up for sale.

More than 10 Million HADACoins Sold!

More than 10 Million HADACoins were sold during the temporary halt. Among contributors are of retail and institutional investors. This shows the confidence…

In November 2017, Hada DBank, which intends to be the first digital bank to fuse Islamic banking with blockchain technology, launched its pre-initial coin offering (ICO), with an aim to raise about US$5 million for its development and to be ready to start operations during the second quarter of 2018. MARC ROUSSOT reports.

Hada DBank is quite an ideal utopia as a financial institution. Its concept lies in the idea that with blockchain technology, transactions between customers, merchants and even banks can be secured, transparent and seamless, while Islamic banking provides customers with a fair system underpinned by principles like the sharing of losses and profits.

“If you bring these two platforms together, you obtain an ideal banking system and this is what Hada DBank strives for,” states Linda Azmi, the chief marketing offi cer of Hada DBank.

The bank finds its roots in a joke made during a discussion between a group…

We’re #sorry. We wanted to resume on the 20th Dec but detected some security flaw right before it. We’ve been #working non-stop to resolve this. It’s done. We’ve fixed it. The #PreICO is now live.
#islamicbanking #hadadbank #hadacoins #digitalbank #ewallet

Yes, that’s us! Like dying.. ~ Happy New Year!

An Islamic digital banking start-up is in the process of securing licenses in Switzerland and the UK while preparing for its pre-initial coin offering (ICO).

A casual conversation between friends several years ago about the impact of banking on society particularly after the financial crisis of 2008 is now gradually culminating into a digital bank combining both Islamic finance principles and blockchain technology, known as Hada DBank.

“During the conversation, somebody joked that we should build our own bank in response to the crisis; and what started out as a joke then became a serious discussion,” Hada DBank co-founder and…

Hada DBank has placed a temporary hold on its Pre-ICO exercise due to talks with several Institutional and Retail investors. During this period, it also went through a major overhaul of its current coin structure and coin distribution. Currently, everything has been finalized and Hada DBank is glad to announce the changes and updates.

Pre-ICO Resume Date

Start Date : 20th December 2017 (00:00:00 EST)

End Date : 31st January 2018 (00:00:00 EST)

Price of HADACoins during Pre-ICO

Brand New HADACoins

The management of Hada DBank has decided to halt all the Pre-ICO sales and activities with immediate effect.

A few investors and venture capitals showed interests and the management is currently in talks with the parties on a possible collaboration as well as partnership.

We will resume sales of our Pre-ICO soon. Exact date of commencement with new and/or updated terms will be announce in the near future, no later than 16th December 2017 (EST).

About Hada DBank

HADA DBANK will be the world’s first Blockchain-based Digital Bank to fuse Islamic Banking Module with Blockchain Technology, to create an ethical and responsible banking ecosystem.

Read more about us at

Download our white paper

Banking as it should be.

We’re sitting on a pivot point of the next technological shift since the conception of blockchain technology in 2008. Leveraging on this, Hada DBank emerged as the first Digital Bank to fuse Islamic Banking Module with Blockchain Technology, to create an ethical and responsible banking ecosystem.

Blockchain technology holds both convenience and safety. This is why Hada DBank chose to be a part of the current financial revolution through establishing a caring and personal bank.


There are two basic principles in Islamic banking. One is the sharing of profit and loss; and…

Hada DBank

BANKING. AS IT SHOULD BE. Here at Hada DBank, we aim to be different from conventional banking. In fact, we are the First Digital Bank to fuse Islamic Banking

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