WTF is taking so long… are the results!

5 min readOct 26, 2021


Firstly, thank you to everyone who has participated whether it was submitting artwork, trailing Hadalite for voting, handing out tips on Twitter or highlighting problems. Massive thanks to everyone.

The WTF competition has largely been a great success but it has not been without its challenges and the journey is not over yet. These challenges have come from the international nature of the competition as well as issues regarding copyright and permissions. As a result, winners were required to KYC their accounts and to sign a legal disclaimer and copyright transfer before any prize could be claimed and the results announced.

Overall, there were 24 entries submitted by individuals from countries including Indonesia, Japan, Germany, USA and UK. A total of 4518 votes were cast by 260 unique voters. It has taken some time to get all the relevant documentation in place and communicate across multiple time zones.

Here are the winners:

1st Place

Still Image — Medium struggling with the video.

Name: AldiSyahputra

Votes: 1247 from 23 voters

Title: WTF x Hada Coin


Prize amount: 2000 XRP + 500 WTF

The 1st place winner gets to decide on a WTF token burn once the NFT process is complete.

2nd Place

WTF MGT Exclusive

Name: Xrpmiz

Title: WTF MGT Exclusive

Votes: 1030 from 59 voters


Prize amount: 400 XRP + 250 WTF

The 2nd place winner gets to mint their image into an NFT and decide on issuance.

3rd Place

Still Image — See link for video

Name: UberSlim

Title: WTF…was that?

Votes: 548 from 12 voters


Prize amount: 100 XRP + 100 WTF

The 3rd Place winner gets to mint their image into and NFT and decide on issuance.

We decided to extend the prizes to the top 5 entries who each won 100XRP and 100 WTFs each.

They are:-

Neon the Giraffe

4th Place

Name: Charlene De Guzman

Title: Neon the Giraffe

Votes: 408 from 43 voters


5th Place

Authorised Version

Name: Hyuga

Title: Hadaminer

Votes: 336 from 60 voters


Bonus Prize: This entry won a bonus prize of 150 XRP for the most number of individual voters with 60 unique voters.

As our team work on the metadata component to the WTF NFT and progress to the next stage we will allow the winning artists a little time to make improvements to their work, so long as there are no material changes.

The remainder of the top ten were rewarded a consolation prize of 10 WTF tokens and the opportunity to NFT their work although priority will be given to the top 5. They are:

6th — Rafael Camillo — WTF Hadaman — 336 Votes / 45 voters

7th — Harley — WTF — 255 Votes / 27 voters

8th — Nextgen — Megaman Rainbow NFT — 87 Votes / 47 voters

9th — OnQuest2Know —WTF Prometheus — 72 Votes / 17 voters

10th — MaestroNFT — WTF Doggo — 65 Votes / 37

All competition entries which made it into the top 10 will be turned into NFTs if the artist desires. They will be issued from the HadaX wallet with the issuance number determined by the artist. The HadaX wallet will be blackholed once this project is complete.

A complete breakdown of the vote will be provided in due course on our website.

WTF is next…

The WTF journey is not yet over and the NFT is far from complete. The artwork and image have now been chosen. However, we believe an NFT needs to be more then just shared ownership of a digital image. As we’ve progressed through the competition issues regarding ownership, authenticity and permissions have been raised and different challenges have arisen depending on the type of artwork and / or medium of creation.

For example: The use of people in images such as Lars’ entry WTF.

Permission is required from any individual pictured in a video or image for the right of use to their image, exceptions do occur if it may be in the public interest (i.e. a political figure). How do we know this person is Lars? Searching the internet we believe this is Lars and as this entry was not in contention for a prize we decide to prioritise with more immediate issues relating to the Hadaminer image as discussed in the previous blog.

All of this has been of great assistance in working out our metadata piece highlighting areas where problems exist and solutions are required. We believe the metadata component of an NFT to be vitally important and we desire to work through this in a considered manner. Thoughts need to be given to different types of media, their presentation and distribution across the internet and even distribution on different media platforms. Attribution of work, permissions and credits all need to be thought about with respect to the metadata and may be unique to the type of content created.

For example, if we look at a movie there are 100's of individuals who contribute to the final production. They range from producers, engineers, designers, songwriters, performers, actors, directors and more. A movie is usually accompanied by a trailer, soundtrack, subtitles and merchandise each with their own form of intellectual property and distribution agreements.

All of these individual components are required in the meta data and we believe constitutes the minimum requirements for an NFT. The metadata component of an NFT is token or blockchain agnostic and will be important for any standard which arises on the XRPL, be it XLS-14d, XLS-20d or other.

This competition was intended to highlight any unforeseen issues considering the diversity of artwork and different media types and allow us to work through in a controlled manner. From this we can start to create a suite of templates which would be required as a minimum standard for metadata creation and specific to each media type. All of this would usually be required before any minting occurs.

Anyway, now its time for a movie, paying particular attention to the end credits to see what we may have missed.




An experiment with NFTs of the XRPL.