WTF is this design competition about!!

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HadaX — WTF NFT Design Brief

HadaNFT is hosting a design competition for the WTF NFT issued by the HadaX account.


A total of 9,999 WTF tokens were issued and over 2800 WTFs have been sold in the first week. Impressive, as this is just a frame for an NFT at present with no artwork or meta data.

1000 WTFs will be retained by HadaNFT for the competition prizes and other giveaways.

The WTF token sale will continue throughout the design competition, meta-data creation and website display. This process may take some time as unknown technical challenges arise.

The Brief

HadaNFT is about fun and learning the XRPL and NFTs in an inclusive and creative, out of the box way. WTF is our first NFT for public sale and we would like the artwork to be of high-quality and community generated.

The artwork must be digital in form but may be a video, GIF, animation or another digital image. There are no restrictions on artistic creativity except NO pornography or graphic, violent images.

Email entries or queries to

DO NOT post your submission on Twitter. This will disqualify the submission.

Submission deadline: 05th October 2021

1st Prize

10% of WTF token sales paid out in xrp. (Minimum 2000 xrp — maximum 4500xrp*).

500 WTF tokens

Contribute to the NFT process including creating the metadata for the art and website presentation.

Decide on a token burn if all tokens are not sold at the end of the process and after the issuing wallet is blackholed.

2nd Prize

400 xrp

250 WTF tokens

The second prize will be turned into an NFT, WTF2 or similar.

The artist can decide the issuance and assist with the process of meta data creation.

This will occur after the first place prize NFT is complete.

HadaNFT will retain half the WTF2 tokens.

3rd Prize

100 xrp

100 WTF tokens

The third prize will be turned into an NFT, WTF3 or similar.

The artist can decide the issuance and assist with the meta-data creation.

This will occur after the first place prize NFT is complete.

HadaNFT will retain half the WTF3 tokens.

Artwork Information

The artists must include the following information with their submission.

Title: WTF

Short Description (150 Characters):

Long Description (500 Characters):

Author / Artist Name:

Artist Description:

File Type:

File Size (Mb):



The above data will start to form the meta data for the artwork. IF the artist knows of any other relevant data specific to their artwork. Please list with your submission (i.e. video length).

We’d love to work with all artists in the future and provide a platform for those who wish to make NFTs themselves. However, there are many questions related to the technological side of the project including NFT creation, meta-data, tracking, platform capabilities as well as onward sale or trade.

HadaNFT feels it is important to work through the NFT process in an iterative manner with a few artists to identify the relevant problems and requirements before making a full and complete platform available for general use.


Please feel free to use any, all or none of our design assets.

HadaNFT Logo

HadaNFT Logo

Hada Icon

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Hadalite Icon

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Terms and Conditions

This competition is open to all members of the HadaCommunity and beyond. Only one entry may be submitted per person.

Submit your entries to and include the following sentence in the message subject:

Here is my submission for the WTF NFT competition

Failure to include the above sentence in the subject line of the message may result in your application being missed.

Submission Deadline: 00:00:00 UTC 05th October 2021.

Entrants must be over 18 years of age.

No pornographic or violent material.

All artworks must be original, and the artist must own the copyright to the material.

The artist accepts that by entering this competition and submitting artwork to HadaNFT the copyright ownership will transfer to HadaNFT. HadaNFT intends to transfer the copyright to the WTF token holders after the process is complete.

DO NOT post your submission on Twitter. This will disqualify the submission. Twitter will be used to generate memes and community ideas for inspiration and for voting after publication of the artworks on the HadaNFT website.

Entrants are responsible for any and all costs and expenses incurred through entering and/or winning the competition. Entrants will not be reimbursed for any costs or expenses incurred by entering this competition.

Prize winners are responsible for all tax liabilities in their home jurisdiction relevant to claiming a prize of monetary value.

All entries will be reviewed by the HadaNFT team and the top ten will be selected and published on the HadaNFT website for public vote.

The top ten entrants will be notified by email of their entry to the next round prior to release on the HadaNFT website.

The top ten entries will be uploaded onto the website for public vote by the 15th October 2021 to decide the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. Entries will be distributed via social media at this point.

All top ten entries will win a prize of 1M Hadalite and 1M Hada.

The public vote will continue for one week until 22nd October 2021.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be notified by email and prizes will be handed out 48 hours after the public vote is complete and on receipt of the winners XRP wallet address (r- or x- address).

The winners will be announced and their artwork will be published via the HadaNFT twitter account as well as in the HadaCommunity Discord channel.

*The 1st place prize is pro-rated at 10% of the sale of the WTF tokens and is subject to variation. A minimum amount of 2000 xrp has been reserved for the first place prize. An escrow has been set from the HadaX account for the minimum amount. For each 1000 tokens sold a new escrow will be allocated for the prize fund. The maximum prize for 1st place is capped at 4500 xrp.

The 2nd and 3rd placed prizes are fixed as described above.

Winners are responsible for their trustlines in order to receive the WTF, Hada or Hadalite prizes. HadaNFT accepts no-liability for loss incurred through incorrect trustlines.

The WTF tokens will NOT be able to be traded on the DEX in the same way as other fungible tokens (i.e. Hada or Hadalite). WTF is an experimental NFT based on the 0014 XLS-14d proposal for NFTs on the XRPL. The DEX is not suitable for trading of this type of token.

For the foreseeable future, until a marketplace is developed, either by us or someone else, WTF tokens can only be exchanged from person-to-person. DO NOT attempt to trade, buy or sell WTF or any other 0014 XLS-14d NFTs via the DEX or using any gateway (i.e. Sologenic, XRPToolkit or Gatehub).

HadaNFT accepts no liability for losses incurred from trading WTF on the DEX.

Prizes are not transferable and can not be redeemed for cash.

HadaNFT reserves the right to disqualify any entry, without notice, if these terms and conditions are breached or where a third parties’ intellectual property may have been infringed.

By entering this competition, the entrant warrants that the competitor meets the entry eligibility requirements and accepts these terms and conditions.

For all enquiries and submissions please contact

If you want to buy WTF tokens they are available on the SEC Coin website at 5 xrp each. No refunds, buyer beware!.




An experiment with NFTs of the XRPL.