WTF the competition is over…

4 min readOct 22, 2021


The WTF artwork competition is over and here are some updates on how the competition went and what’s going to happen next.

In total there were 4,518 votes from 260 unique addresses (unique voters) and 415,800 Hadalite was returned to the CuentosDeHada account. For future votes we may decide to burn the Hadalite or pool the vote and distribute to the winners.

Our team will count the vote using a script to check the vote record unique to the memo for each 100 Hadalite transaction.

Example transaction details of the Vote in the memo and confirmation of the 100 Hadalite vote.

The total votes as well as the total number of voters per entry will be calculated. The winners are determined by the most individual votes and a bonus prize will be given to the entry with the most unique voters.

We have decided to extend the prizes for the top 5 winners by number of votes and an extra 100 XRP will be given to the entry with the most voters.

The winners will be notified by email and the prizes will be distributed after communication with the winners and exchange of relevant information. After which, and before public announcement, the team and the artists will work to complete the copyright transfer, metadata and the finalisation of the NFT.

Complications with an artwork submission and plagiarism were brought to our attention by @bigjcat, thank you. The submission in question, “Hadaminer”, was submitted by an individual who did not have the required authorisation to modify and submit the image for commercial purposes. Here is the original image:

Original Image —
Unauthorised Image

NOTE: you can not download an image you see on the internet, modify it and pass it of as your own work. Copyright restrictions apply in almost all instances. This is also true for the use of graphics or artwork within a larger image or video. Always check the license terms for a particular image, graphic, song, movie or other digital art before using it in your own work. Particularly, if you intend to submit the work for commercial gain.

We used the tool and other reverse image search tools to identify the original artist and copyright owner. All images were checked in this way and only one “Hadaminer” was identified in the search. Fortunately, we found an email and twitter handle and traced the owner.

After some discussion we asked if they were happy to submit a custom version of their original artwork to the competition and any existing votes for their work would be passed on to them. The artist agreed and now a unique and original version of “Hadaminer” is in the competition.

Updated entry submitted by the original copyright owner. Notice the different angle of the star and stars added to the coins in the wheel barrow.

The artist indicated they have a serious problem with others copying and stealing their work. Something, NFTs purport to solve. This raises the question of how to prevent someone from creating an NFT for work which is not theirs or using components of an image, song or movie in a final production without authorisation.

As a result all this, there maybe an extended period before announcing the winners where copyright ownership and authenticity will be determined and verified. Entries may be still be subject to disqualification at this stage. Any winning entrant who wishes to claim a prize and have their work continue through to minting will be required to demonstrate ownership of the material and at the very minimum will require a KYC’d Xumm wallet. All of which may take some time.

During this period the WTF tokens will remain on sale on the website. After the NFT process is complete, the winner will get to make the decision if all, part or none of the unsold WTF tokens should be returned to the issuer. This will effectively burn the remaining WTF tokens when the HadaX wallet is blackholed on completion of the WTF and HadaX project.

Overall, we think the Hadalite voting mechanism was a great success although areas for improvement have been highlighted and will be thought about for future votes. This will include, the amount of Hadalite required to vote, the number of votes per wallet address as well as the destination of the Hadalite after the vote. Next stop… we need to work on a use case for Hada.

A full update and breakdown of the vote will be published on our website and blogs in due course. Everything is recorded on the ledger, so it is essentially public and immutable if you know how to find it and script the result. We’ll endeavour to publish the code downstream.

Sorry to prolong the anticipation of the vote result. We feel it is important to get things done right and adapt appropriately as we learn more. The vote result will be released when we are comfortable making that announcement. Stay tuned.




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