The Greatest Possible Comfort

Love by Junior Libby

“And the name of the city from that time on will be: the Lord is there.”

(Ezekiel 48:35 NIV)

A look at my phone confirmed my fears: it was him again, calling in the middle of the night with unreasonable, ridiculous demands. My heart raced, and I gulped for air. It was a situation going for years, and with time it became worse and worse. I could no longer stand the crushing burden and this constant harassment of my aging, sick father.

I have prayed for so many years for him, took care of him when needed, and endured his…

The Unwanted Guest

Source: All for Free Download

The sudden loss of my loved one, the closest person I ever had, threw me into an abyss and took the breath out of my lungs. The unthinkable, the unimaginable has happened and I couldn’t wrap my mind around that. But why was I so surprised to face death again?

Since we are born, we face this hideous foe, the unwanted guest, the constant companion: death. It comes in multiple ways and has so many faces. …

Encouragement for a New Beginning

Source: Hadassah Treu

Do you long for a new beginning in a certain area of your life and wonder where to start?

There is something so powerful, exciting, and fascinating about the white sheet of paper, the blank canvas, the new chapter, the fresh morning, the new year.

We are thrilled at the possibility to start again and anxious not to fail. We wonder if it is possible to prepare in advance and ensure the success of our new beginning.

The Best Preparation for a Successful New Beginning

The best preparation for a successful new beginning is preparing our hearts and minds for action in advance.

The first and most important…

Three Blessings of Unmet Expectations

Source: Hadassah Treu

Everybody knows how an unmet expectation feels; an explosive mixture of disappointment, discontent, pain, anger, insecurity and doubt. Unmet expectations make us doubt God’s love and His good intentions.

Questions like “Does God even care about my desires?”, “Does He really want to bless me?” spread sticky nets of doubt that erode our trust and diminish our hope. If we leave these responses unaddressed and unprocessed, we risk falling into a constant state of discouragement and negativism.

Three Lessons of Unmet Expectations

Our logic is simple. If God loves us, He would care about our desires and expectations, and He would bless us by giving…

Two Ways to Find Rest When Stressed


A phone call with my mum turned my morning preparations for a good and productive day upside down. She could barely speak, explaining that she had a crisis of strong vertigo, rendering her helpless in bed.

My hands trembled with anxiety and frustration. This was another problem in the long strain of difficult situations that had been wearing me down for months.

I cried out in utter frustration, “Please, Lord, give me a break, I simply can’t take it anymore! I am completely depleted and just want to rest.”

Two Ways to Find Rest When Stressed

Have you been there, friend? When you are near to despair…

Hadassah Treu I Author

Hadassah Treu is an award-winning Christian blogger, author, and poet, and a contributor to several faith-based platforms and devotional and poetry anthologies.

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