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I’m originally from Ethiopia.

I think, USA finally got the kind of democracy it was prescribing (at least condoning) for developing world decades after decades.

Many are disappointed and see no improvement at all, about the hypocrisy and double standards of US foreign policies around the world.

Some even say, “it is intentional continuation of Western Neocolonialists agenda to finance, arm and diplomatically support corrupt criminal puppet thugs who are doing their masters dirty bloody job”.

Unfortunately developing countries who are ruled by brutal authoritarian dictators and regimes have no free journalism, independent judicial and legislative government branches or check and balance of government power.

The fact is the world experiences more unrest, failed states, terrorism, grinding poverty, environmental degradation, record high migration and chaos all over the world.

US as a world leader, with Trump administration in the White House things won’t get better at all. If it is not worsening.

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