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Why are people leaving their home countries in the first place, putting their lives in danger, only to live in discrimination and all kinds of abusive environments? 
 The youth can’t live in peace and dignity in their own countries of origin any longer.
 Only corruption, basic human rights abuses, torture, murder and hopelessness are delivered by the authoritarian regimes clinging to power at any cost for life and looting decades after decades. 
 They are tired of ruled by unaccountable brutal corrupt criminal puppet regimes, who are armed, financed and supported by Western Hypocrites and neocolonialists, for the continuation of the Western destructive agenda on the developing nations.
 Isn’t it time for the CORRUPT WORLD ORDER, examine its own poisonous foreign policies and make reasonable corrections?
 Their continued ill policy increasingly produces only more poverty, failed states, anarchy, terrorism and record high migration.

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