How I created a plugin system for Figma and got 4000 users in under 2 weeks

Ahmad Al Haddad
May 23 · 8 min read

But How?

The unofficial plugins system for Figma



Example plugin

const counter = {  // Displayed in the injected menu
name: "Counter",
state: {
counter: 0
// Think of it as the constructor for your figment
setup() {
console.log(`Counter ${this.state.counter}`);
// Called when a user clicks on the injected menu option
main() {
console.log(`Counter ${this.state.counter}`);
}export default counter;

Simulation vs. Reverse Engineering

Still not ready


Alas, the problems we have to solve

And we did it!

Figma Plus

A thank you note

A quick demise

What’s next?

Ahmad Al Haddad

Written by

A designer/developer from Saudi Arabia. Passionate about sharing knowledge. Co-creator of

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