Things I learned at HIMSS 2018

46,000 people + 5,000 vendors

Not only was this my first time visiting Las Vegas (which in itself is overwhelming), but this was a large event. Two stories of exhibitor halls. Thousands of people rushing up escalators, waiting in lines to get food and coffee and filling auditoriums. This was a hard event to keep a pulse on trends.

“I miss the mob”

At the backdrop of this massive conference, it was hard to get a sense of the magic of the industry that we’re lucky to be a part of. We’re doing something special. We’re spending our time and money to help carve out the future of how people live a healthy and happy life. We’re very lucky.

There was little to no discussion on the socio-cultural aspects of AI and Machine Learning

We are living in a world of where Machine Learning (ML) and AI are becoming more and more a part of our lives. Or at least they’re talked about all the time in tech circles. There are heated debates about these technologies on the Internet and in public forums. You get the proponents like Eric Schmidt (keynote speaker at HIMSS) and the realists like Elon Musk and our industry’s own, John Mattisson.

FHIR is picking up steam

It was great to see so many conversations and companies making FHIR endpoints available. Interoperability is becoming less and less of a hurdle. We still have a little while to go, but I was happy to see this part of healthcare advancing.

The big question: Would I go back again?




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