At Coffee table..

Sharing the 6 guidelines with your classmate.

A day before yesterday when I was looking at my to-do list an idea came to mind and I texted to Aneeqa for a meeting. As she always listens to me carefully and I feel extremely good when I come up with productive meeting with a genius like her. I have to share the following tips regarding to choose a career that is best aligning with your ambition.

§ Do an internship before pursuing a higher degree to confirm if you like that field

§ Don’t do PhD if you want to be an entrepreneur

§ Spend at least 6–12 month on your 1st job

§ Put your time in: everyone starts doing grunt work till trust is proven

§ Don’t talk badly about the company and your boss

§ Take control of your relation with your boss and the company

I started with telling these tips as she is doing an internship at FC and interested in getting a royal job after that. She showed positive attitude and also appreciated Amal for providing such an amazing career development fellowship. At first she found few tips impractical. However, exploring the main motif behind them proved fruitful and she got agree. Everyone has different point of view but a proficient discussion may result a broader and positive deem. She was obliged for this acquaint talk.

After that I requested her for a selfie and say thanks for her precious time.