Seriously, Look up At the Stars

This is something we all need to do more often. As the great Joe Rogan once said “look up at all that shit”. When referring to the stars, and space. I love that quote.

Okay, so without me getting all spacey and scientific looking up at the stars can be very relaxing and therapeutic for the mind. Sit in a chair relax and look up, or just lay a blanket in the grass that makes it easier also. It really opens up your mind, you will remember or just think of happy things. Hey, you might like it so much that you get a telescope, and look at some planets. And to all the city slickers! Yes i know you can’t see the stars very well. this gives you a great excuse for a quick road trip to some awesome hill with a friend.

So, some immediate benefits of looking at the stars.

  • You may think of a million dollar idea! (my type of benefit right there! lol)
  • You may see a shooting star! That is always a positive fun experience.
  • It gets you off your phone for once, and back to real life.
  • Believe it or not, it is a cool idea for a first date! (pic-nic, star gaze session)

Thanks for reading everyone!

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-John Harris

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