Who am I?

I have no story to tell about myself. I have things to say.

Everything gets older in life. And eventually dies.

This is basically it.

It has been four years since I last lived at “home” for longer than a two weeks. It has been two years since I left my UWC “home”. It is the start of my third year of college, home? And I soon will have been living for twenty one years on this earth! 
My expectations are high from 21!! 
This many years may help me to buy my own wine bottle now! I also expecting form them to have taught me things about me. My name, country, language, identity, what I like/dislike and whatever else I am. But they didn’t. Or did, but quite of a poor job. I know who I am but I won’t know what to answer you if you ask me where are you from? I come from a country that isn’t recognized/doesn’t exist for most of the world. In fact, I don’t come from everyplace in this country, I come from a small town called Al-Khader (St. George) to the southwest of Bethlehem city in the West Bank, which is on the blurry border between Israel/Palestine. But I came to here from Maastricht, in the Netherlands where I lived for two years. And it may be also relevant to mention that I stopped in Paris on the way :D

Funny fact: each time somebody asks me where I am from I hear a different thing, depends on who the person is; it could mean: you have an accent what is your native tongue, what brought you here, what a name you have, you look different, you act different, and so on.

I know who I am but I cannot tell you what my culture is. My culture is never one thing, or it is one thing of many things; it is the culture of the community I live in, which is constantly changing, never in the same context, and I am growing, some things die and others live with time.

I cannot tell you all the identities I am because with each new experience I go through I find out “something” new that I am or get rid of something I am not.
I can tell you what passport I hold but this was given to me.
The one thing you need to know about me is that I am Hadil. Lets talk and figure the rest out. 
I cannot give you one picture of me so here are 4.

Photo credits to Jonathan Barber