All About Motif Batik Bali

Bali Batik motif first introduced in 1970 by Mr. Pande Ketut Krisna residing in Banjar Tegeha, Batubulan Village, District Sukawati, Gianyar Bali.

Bali batik motif is rich and creamy culture originating from Bali. Most motives form a picture in the heavenly gods and their lives. This is caused because Bali is known as Hindu culture which is very evident.

But there is also a batik motif bali getting cultural influences from the outside anyway. So that there is diversity in it. This is required because the island of Bali is a tourist destination so as to make the people of Bali have to be creative in their work.

The characteristics that can be found in Bali Batik is:
1. Motive themed Gods, characterized Balinese life is very typical with Hindu culture

2. Wearing thick cloth, in contrast to other batik cloth in the archipelago.

3. Having a distinctive scent of nature, nature out of the typical batik fabric has an odor very distinctive and easily recognizable.

4. They are more expensive and above average, not a secret anymore if in Bali to meet and harmonize the needs of consumers is very high. Make bali batik prices also high.

5. Batik Bali which have high quality, signifies that the wearer is at the highest caste Balinese.

In this modern era, bali batik motifs tend to imitate the motif from outside the island. Many were taken from every other part of traditional Indonesian batik. But it was all done without reducing the accent of batik That in itself. Especially the motive of people’s daily life and religious life in Bali Bali is very typical.

Example for Motif Batik Bali
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