Instagram Secrets: How to find people on Instagram whom you sent request (but they didn’t accepted)!!

Hello folks,

You came here because you love finding Instagram secrets , right??

Instagram is very popular photo and video sharing application used by millions. People likes to spend hours and hours exploring Instagram posts and enjoying beautiful contents. You just follow someone and Instagram will show their post on your timeline. Simple.

If you are an active Instagram user, you may not find it surprising that sometimes you send follow request to someone and later forget to cancel the request if they don’t accept your request (intentionally??).

So what to do in such cases ? How to find such users whom you sent request but forgot to cancel the request ? Is there any way to find it out ? Answer is : YES, there is.

Go to Instagram Settings and click on Account Data

Instagram Setting Page

Under Connections, click on Current follow requests.

Instagram Account Data Page

Now, you will be able to find list of users whom you sent request but they didn’t accepted (yet). Search the username and cancel request(if you want)!!

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