InvArch Weekly 23/01/2022

Project Introduction!

InvArch is a Web3 protocol for IP ownership, utility, and cross-chain authentication (XCA). For the first time in history, InvArch users can claim ownership of all of their digital assets, including their ideas! InvArch enables users to save and authenticate their Intellectual Property Files (IPFs), and to use them interchangeable collections (IP Sets) and streamlining royalties, governance, and compliance. Access rights, divisional ownership, copyright agreements, and so much more! InvArch is a novel blockchain that distinguishes itself from other chains and projects. seen today, and it will enable people all over the world to do things that they could not do before were never before possible! We will usher in a new era of computing with the help of InvArch.

InvArch Ambassador program

The InvArch Ambassador Program has been officially reorganized. Global Ambassadors, Regional Ambassadors (Formerly Senior), Community Ambassadors, and Apprentice Ambassadors have all had their roles updated! The Ambassador Program and our growing community will benefit from these new roles, which will help organize and provide better structure.

The way points are awarded for submissions has also been modified. The Global Ambassadors will begin assisting the InvArch community manager (Casey Richardson) in issuing points as submissions are approved by Regional Ambassadors and submitted to Final Submissions. The issuance of points will no longer be deferred till Friday.

The Weekly Reset Timeframe will remain the same, from Saturday at 12 a.m. UTC to Saturday at 12 a.m. UTC the following week. The new changes will begin after all last week’s points for #100 I-final submissions have been issued. The ambassador Handbook has been updated to reflect these changes!

As we all know, InvArch is on SubSocial, and following the launch of the InvArch Reddit, the team has also formally organized the InvArch Telegram channel. Regular announcements are being made through the Official InvArch Announcement Telegram Channel! If you haven’t already, please join and establish an organized space to keep up with the project.


The new website has been officially launched and updated with incredible partners with massive impact in web 3.0. Click here to see a list of the InvArch project’s staunch supporters.InvArch project is the first of its kind. For more exciting news and events, visit the official links below.



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