Some Important Tips on Window Cleaning

Window cleaning, how easy it sounds! But it would be a delusion to see window cleaning as a simple job. Sometimes, it is the simple things, which we underestimate, pose a bigger challenge. Everyone can derive a fair idea of how demanding it can get if impeccable cleaning of windows of homes, buildings, skyscrapers, malls, etc. is the concern, and that too on a day-to-day basis. It was this realization and burgeoning demand that gave way to experts taking up the job. Professional window cleaning services are now what is trending all over the world and making life simpler. But, there are a few window cleaning tips that would come to your aid. They are:

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· Use right window cleaning tools: Yes, it is predominantly the right kind of window cleaning tools that are helpful to give a sparkling finishing. Using sub-standard or inappropriate tools will not lead the job any closer to perfection. It is advisable to use professional squeegee, applicators, and soaps.

· A clean scrubber to avail: Just bear this in mind that a dirty scrubber can ruin everything. Where you are putting so many efforts in the process, do not spoil it by using a dirty scrubber. Other than that, rinsing scrubber frequently while you are in the middle of cleaning is important too.

· The right grip of the squeegee that matters: You should hold the squeegee in a way that allows water to run down the glass. The best way to do it is by holding it at a 45 degree angle. This would prevent water flowing from both ends.

· Equip yourself with a choice of squeegee with varying channel sizes: For windows of different sizes and shapes, there are appropriate squeegee available on the market. So, before opting for one, make sure you know the type of window you are going to clean.

· Clean the blade properly: This is often ignored. But it is the key to get the finest cleaning job done. After each squeegee stroke, wipe the rubber blade with a lint-free cloth.

window cleaning perth

· Overlap your each squeegee stroke: Do not make a fresh new stroke each time. With each fresh stroke, you should try to overlap the last stroke by something as close as 1½ inches.

· Do not forget to shake the mop/scrubber: If you will shake your mop/scrubber from time to time, you will take care of getting rid of excess water that can hamper the progress towards achieving flawless cleaning.

· Less water, more work: Being conservative with the water would not only enable us to work responsibly, but would also take care of not creating any kind of mess around.

· Declutter: Cleaning from inside demands decluttering before the process could be initiated. Clear all the items and clutter from the window sills.

· An apt spray bottle with effective cleaning solutions makes a difference: First, know your spray bottle. And practise with a ready-made solution in it.

· Sideway strokes: With the aid of horizontal squeegee strokes, you can get a step closer to perfection.

· Wipe the edges of window pane: To get rid of water marks or spots from the edges, you must not forget to wipe them. And once you are over with the squeegee work, you can wipe the entire surface with a lint-free cloth.

window cleaning perth

DIY window cleaning is not hard, but why to invest efforts, time and money when professionals, like Team Window Clean can get the job done in an easy, quick and cost-effective way. Window cleaning in Perth is not better known to others than such dedicated window cleaning professionals. Get in touch with them to avail yourself of finest Perth window cleaning service!